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We Gain Weight Everyday!

Please don't think we Gain 5 St or 7 St since last year. We Gain Weight 3 or 4 times everyday basically. experience for 3 days and try when you eat, drink you gain weight. when you go to restroom you lose weight. do you gain weight when ever you eat and whenever you go to the restroom you lose weight! experiences it and after 3 days leave the comments and tell me about this experience Thanks.

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Most of the weight we lose is at night while we slowly dehydrate. Dehydration can throw out your weigh in by 2 or more pounds. It is likely that you will weigh less in the morning than at night when you go to bed.

Weight fluctuations during the day may be more to do with how much fluids you are taking on during the day. It is healthy to drink water.

True weight loss is all about reducing calorie intake and using up the calories that you consume.


You are right that part of the weight loss overnight is dehydration but it is also some fat burning as well. We have fasted from dinner to breakfast - often 12 hours - sop our bodies definitely are burning calories while we sleep.


In the night time everybody is regenerating body cells & yes a burn Some calories too. And when we wake up Empty. Then our body Wants there Nutrition back to Feed our Body Cell.


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