Lunchtime...nothing planned...going to Tesco

Right, so after speeding through the door this morning in a whirlwind of book bags, swimming gear and child I forgot to sort something out for my lunch.

Off to Tesco Express in a minute and am planning on some sort of sandwich and an apple. This is my go to for what I would think is a healthy lunch - anyone suggest anything better from the delights of Tesco's aisles?


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16 Replies

  • If you are heading home for lunch, I'd say a bag of their frozen veg stir fry and a chicken oxo cube in the frying pan (tiny bit of oil). you get LOADS of veg, really filling and good for you, and no bread - ideal!

  • If you're not going home, never tried this but it looks quite nice and healthy too... Tesco Healthy Living Tuna And Sweetcorn Salad 260G, total cals 251? Looks like they have lots of salad type stuff to choose from.

  • Ok, I'll have a look at the salad options but I'm going to be sitting in the local park so it might be fiddly. I'll bring a fork from work just in case!

  • Please let me know what they taste like, what the cals are and what you get, I've not had them as I'm at home most of the time, but I could try it as another meal idea in future if you think they taste good.

  • There was nothing there I liked the look of - most of the salads had mayonnaise and pasta in them.

    I ended up back at our Staff Café on site getting a freshly made up tuna on a brown bread roll with cucumber (no butter, no mayo), bottle of water, an apple and skinny popcorn. I have worked out that is 483 cals in total for lunch. I left half of the roll because it was too bready and I will save the popcorn for later.

    I'm not calorie counting so I don't know if that is bad or not. Rather I'm trying to make better choices and reduce my portion sizes. I can get quite obsessional about things so I want to avoid calorie counting if I can. The point system on Weight Watchers turned me into a complete nut!

    Anyhow, when I think of what I could've and would've chosen I feel like I made a good choice and pleased I did not consume all the bread which I would have done previously. I will leave out the skinny popcorn the next time, this was the old me with my eyes bigger than my tummy getting something extra I don't need - so still room for improvement.

    Small changes at a time for long lasting, sustainable weight loss is what I am aiming for.

  • I'm not going home for lunch but that is a really good lunch idea anyhow. I often buy fresh stir fry only for it to sit in my fridge and when I'm finally ready to have it, it has gone off. I would not have looked at the frozen stuff so thanks for a great idea. x

  • I had some fresh stir fry from tesco one time and it was the first and last time I ever bought it, it just tasted horrible even tho it was in date (don't know if it sweats in the bag or something, not sure). So anyway, I opted for frozen so it's something quick and easy to cook if you are hungry and need to eat fast or risk eating something calorific. I usually drink a couple of cups of water while I'm cooking it if I'm really hungry lol. I'm not veggie but I don't usually add meat, I just crumble in a chicken oxo and gives it a wee bit extra flavour. If I had a heavier calorie meal day the day before, I would go for a stir fry the next day to balance it out a bit, if that makes sense.

  • I would go for a salad of some sort, more filling. You can add a tuna/egg topping, whatever you prefer, and have rice cakes or oat cakes, a few boiled baby potatoes perhaps, to accompany it. I've just had a big plate of salad with half avocado, half a beetroot, a boiled egg and 4 rice cakes, really filling and full of nice colours and flavours. I'll probably have an apple in a bit too, apples are ace :)

  • That sounds like a nice combo. I do struggle with lunches - thanks for the ideas.

  • If you're out and about you can take your own salad box, a packet of oatcakes and a small pot of hummous/ boiled egg/ other protein as per your preference. I sometimes take a mini pot of salad dressing too. If you've got Tesco so near, then no excuse not to keep a bag of salad, some cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, red onion in the fridge, make a fresh salad for yourself everyday. Having good Tupperware containers in different sizes helps too :)

  • Look at the john west tuna sachets, there are some nice flavoured ones, great accompaniment for salad lunches :)

  • I know - you are right there is no excuse! I just need to do it and it's not that hard to do either.

  • I only say that because I used to use it as an excuse :)

  • Soup

  • agree!

  • Hi there, I have 3 lunch bags different styles for different days which I pack every morning when I pack the kids lunches that way I never forget my lunch. I have however forgot to eat breakfast when I am rushing around and feel it on the way to work. I have to make a quick stop and pick up one of those cartons of Oats so simple and have it once I get to work and that works out for me. It can be a nightmare when you forget something as important as your lunch or breakfast, but it sounds as though you made the right choice in the end so well done you.

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