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I am a newbie!

Hello all,

Today is my first day on the 12 week NHS weight loss plan! I'm excited.

Current weight: 10 stone 5lb

Height: 5 ft 2

Goal weight : 9 stone 4lb

I leave the country in 12 weeks 1 day and would love to reach my goal weight by then.

Is my aim realistic? How have other people done on the plan? Is the general rule of thumb 1,400 calories per day and 150 minutes exercise per week (does brisk walking count)?

M x

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If you do your BMI calculation on the website it will give you your recommended calorie allowance. it's on this page nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight/...

Brisk walking definitely counts and you could lose up to 2lb a week, so goal is realistic.

Good luck



I agree a brisk walk is good exercise - pretty much all I do.

I am sure the weight will come off and the walking should also tone your legs.

Good luck :)


Hi I'm sure your goal is achievable if you stick to plan and record everything. Good luck!! Brisk walking is ideal.

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