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Yay !! My Xray was clear !


Well, clear that is of any horrid and dreaded unmentionable things growing in or on me - not totally free though as I have apparently arthritis in both hips and sacroiliac area - and its not bursitis...so, the only thing dr can suggest is keep on the 8 cocodamols a day, and increase my ibuprofen to x3 a day

He also said that Pilates would be a brilliant idea - except that NHS don't provide that ( at least not in this area) " but you can go privately" he told me, helpfully... Well yes, I did realise that. But at least there is nothing drastic here. Now its up to me, just a question of losing a bit of weight so im not having to carry 16 stone with me.

Good news though for sure :)

Thanks to you all for listening to my tales of woe over the past few, and good luck to us all for the future losses :D

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sueper5 stone

Great news - I am pleased for you :) How about trying a pilates DVD or a local class.

I haven't try pilates but found yoga great for back pain.

Good luck with trying to shift a few pounds :)

Thanks sueper. Im not sure about DVD or class as with having pain, id rather someone was with me to keep an eye on what im doing ! I have contacted a lady who does Pilates at Home though, who is local, and am waiting to hear back from her. She said she would phone me, so hopefully soon. If I don't get far with that, ill try the acupuncture. I could insist on steroid jabs, but apart from the fact im a big booby and don't like pain, I also would prefer a less invasive method if loss. Doctors seem to be wanting to shove steroids in you for everything lately ! Thanks for the support Sueper !

Hi Libby, that's brilliant news. I would really recommend pilates too. If you join a class you may still get the one to one help you want as long as the class is not too big. They will show you what to do within what you're capable of, especially in the first few sessions while you get the hang of it. Alternatively going one to one is not so expensive if it's short term, just to get the advice and then keep doing it yourself. I did one to one Alexander Technique classes a few years ago and still do the same exercises. It's worth checking services advertised on your local council pages etc, there may be subsidised services on offer through local community centres etc. Good luck :)

Hidden1 stone

Thank goodness for that! Yes I would recommend Pilates 😃

Good to hear your news. I'm another Pilates supporter. As you have specific health issues, it may be a good idea to check that your instructor is properly qualified and really knows what you need.

Good luck with the weight loss. If you find that counting calories isn't helping, perhaps have a look at Low carb diets.

fantastic news hope you have a fabulous week :)

Fab Libby.....really pleased to hear your news.....😄

Thank you to you all for your replies. It has taken a weight off my mind - and put me in a good place for taking weight off my body :D

Hugs to you all xxxx

its great the results were not as bad as you feared but I can still commiserate with you on the arthritis and bursitis.

As you say dropping the weight will help immensely with the pain in your joints.

Every morning when you wake up say to yourself "Today I will do what it takes to move one step closer to a healthy body".

You can do this. I now it :)

Thanks Dave ! Yes I was mightily elated when I came out of that Drs I can tell you, I was really scared it was a tumour or something. And its so totally " disabled " me, I never did sport, but I did loads of dancing. I was lighter then I admit. Looking back, I reckon its been coming on for a while. I used to do Morris dancing twice a week, and dance on roadways or concrete pavements wearing Doc Marten boots, and I think the 'jarring' havnt done my hips any good. I was doing that for 8 years. Then in February, I fell over in the street and broke my wrist and fell REALLY heavily full length which couldn't have helped. And YES YES YES !!! excess weight does nothing for anybody. I feel so much happier now tho. Im really grateful to all of you for being there when I've really needed a moan and nobody ever said...god, enough already !!..you people are really great. I read a blog from a chap with arthritis who said that losing 15 lbs meant he can now stand up- that's amazing. . Yes im going to lose some weight, ive already started and have done myself an eating plan abd shopping list for the following week. You all deserve the biggest hugs - just so grateful !!

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