Week 1

Today was my first weighin, I lost 3lb whoop whoop.

Friday I had a meal out with my hubby, then we were invited to friends house for wine and nibbles. Because I'm doing sober October no alcohol for me but I eat loads.

Thanks to the advise you guys gave me to draw a line under under my indulgence, I was able to relax the rest of the week and was able to loose.

...... 5st 11lbs to go....

Thanks for your support xx

5 Replies

  • Congrats on your 3lbs loss - well done you. You made that happen. Here's to more of the same next week 😃😃

  • Well done on your 3lb loss that's amazing!

  • Well done losing 3 lbs..have a good sober october..

  • Hi Kizzy, do you find it much easier without the drinking? I do....and good luck for next week ...go you!

  • Hi Portland princess, I do find it easier not drinking especially the next day when I usually get the munchies.

    Hopefully I can stay focused and have a good Weightloss again this week 😊

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