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What would we do without Mondays?

Well, here I am again. What WOULD we do without Mondays?? There must be more diets commenced and recommenced on Mondays than any other day. Yet its really just another day,like all the rest...but it feels like a new clean page. So here goes :-

I just weighed, and am now 16 stone. Which means, as usual, ive gained what I previously lost. But hell, it was only 3 lbs- probably only water anyway.

Im not downhearted. Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes...more like a stuffed penguin ...but worry not ! I am feeling good.

My plan thus week is simple. To eat three proper meals a day, and stop when ive finished. I.e. NOT eating my meal, and then wondering all day long what I can next manage to squeeze out of my calorie allowance " one more tangerine will hardly count !" and then, NOT ending the evening by chucking the diet, and raiding the cupboard for food, or going out for "milk" and coming back with a 6 pack ( of crisps!!)

If I can keep to this normal pattern of eating for this week, I will have achieved something.

Maybe I won't lose, but im thinking...if you want to knit a jumper, best be able to do purl and plain first...im taking it back to basics, and aiming to normalise my eating pattern, before I worry too much about content.

Oh and im sticking to normal basic food, like meat ( not much) fish, veggies, fruit, some potatoes, and very little bread. And no cakes or 6 packs :D

Good luck this week everybody !!

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Sounds like a great plan libby. I'm starting out today after also regaining what I'd lost over the last year due to feeling sorry for myself and always having that 'last blow out meal or snack'. Anyway, it's Monday but it's a good Monday and time for some action. I'm also into the basic wholesome food and find sweet potatoes cut into wedges (no oil or anything added) done in the oven take away any sweet cravings so they'll be on my menu. I also used to try and add everything up to the last calorie to see if I have any more to 'spend' on things I don't actually want to eat in an evening so that is changing....why do we do these things!!!

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I find the evening a time when I feel I want/need a snack, so I have a few olives, walnuts and brazils (yes I know macedamias are so much better but they are so much more expensive) and some of those soft apricots from Aldi. Before this diet, I would have had cakes, chocolate or even a whole packet of biscuits dunked - yes I was real pig.


Yes Libby I think you are right in taking things back to basics. The first week is the hardest in establishing the pattern for your eating after that you will be carried along by a high from seeing the weight drop off. You do need to give a great deal of thought to what you enjoy and try to incorporate that in what you make for yourself to eat. I say 'yourself' because I think it is so much harder if you are having to cook one meal for the family and another for yourself because they do not want to eat healthily. Anyway do let us know how you get on this week, I wish you all the best.


Thankyou everybody - this forum is so great because nobody has to feel the need to justify their weight gains, everybody understands - its just great ! Im lucky that I only have to cook for myself, its got to be harder when you've a family to look after. I started just having frozen ready meals but failed miserably - not that they were awful, or high in calories, but I was just starving !!

Im going to be "rounding off" my days with some ryvitas and Marmite because for some reason, this seems to bring me back to sense, or something, maybe its the very savoury taste, I love nuts but a few would turn into a few more for me and then a few more !!

Ill keep posting and hope I can start to eat like a normal person from now on. :) x


Gosh I know what you mean - after dinner is my worst time as I sit on the couch and dream about chocolate!

What I was (and have restarted) doing is to make myself a cup of tea after dinner.

But not any cup of tea.

I make it a real "event", selecting the tea, warming the pot, carefully measuring the leaves, putting milk in a jug, putting the best cup and saucer, polishing the teaspoon etc etc

I think of chocolate after dinner as a kind of a reward or feel good and by making a very upmarket cup of tea I get kind of the same feeling.

The biog thing is it distracts me from the thoughts of bad things as well.

Worth a try?


Definately - reading all the older posts inspires me to carry on. Im making craft stuff at the moment for me and my daughter to sell ( we hope) at the Xmas craft market, so as soon as tea was over tonight, I got out the sewing stuff and the time does fly then. Then there's always watching tv in bed, once in my bedroom I won't get up to get food so its a good escape. I've managed to stick to my scheduled meals today, and no bingeing - so im feeling a bit happy tonight !


Good luck Libby!

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