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Fuelling the Fire

I’m on my first week of the NHS 12-week plan and desperately trying to change those ‘bad habits’.

This week, like most weeks, has been manic with work, home life/kids are as complex as ever and sometimes things happen that just make you want to scream! Instead of reaching for a glass of wine to unwind in the evening I have rechanneled the stress and been for a run on the treadmill and also done a 30 minute kettlebell routine – which was exhausting! Didn’t have the energy to be p***ed off at anything by the end of it.

I already feel that if I can use the stresses of everyday life to “fuel the fire” I might just be onto a winner!

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Don't burn out :-D


Haha - I'll disappear if I have many more weeks like this week!! No in all honesty I'm finding it a great solution to get me off my butt. Something which I've always found (suprisingly) really difficult to factor in since I've started working for myself from home.

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Well done, that sounds like a benefit all round if you not only manage to fit some exercise in but also feel less stressed as a result and less likely to reach for that wine glass. Small changes along your weight loss journey will combine to bring real results to quote somebody else on here (sorry but I can't remember who) 'it's a marathon, not a sprint' and steady progress is ultimately more sustainable than drastic faddy diets.

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