A little slow for a few weeks

Hi All,

After a fast start the last two weeks weight loss have been a little disappointing if I'm honest. 1 pound each week, but at least today I have reached my fist 1 stone lost. I suppose I am still comparing what feels like a sensible diet with some of the more extreme methods tried before where from memory at least my initial weight loss has been more significant. I need to stick to my own advise and be happy that it's a marathon not a sprint. I feel better than I have for a long while. I can noticeably see a difference in my face and my stomach area, and already clothes are fitting better. One more notch in the belt but no actual waist size changes yet and lots of old clothes that I am looking forward to getting back into soon I hope.

Last weekend I missed the opportunity to fit in a decent bike ride, which I really regretted, but visiting grandchildren absolutely takes priority. Hopefully fit a decent ride this weekend. I'm still riding 5 mile most days, but that is a short hop, and I really want to get that up to help my wait loss and my general fitness.

I need to give myself a gentle kick up the backside this week, and let's see if we can make it a slightly better result when I get on those scales next week?

Good luck everyone!

Dave x


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12 Replies

  • That is life, the 'instant coffee' type rule, doesn't apply to weight loss, it's not the old slow and steady route, imagine lugging 7 extra bags of sugar around!

    Which is what you were before, we all get days when we have water weight and feel not as skinny as we would like too.

    Manage your weight day to day, be more aware of what you are eating, and try not to stress, a stone is a lot, lb is normal loss, the closer you get to a healthier, more calorie managed life, it's harder to shift.

    Please don't be fooled that excercises will just burn it away, diet is proven to be a bigger part, although excercises does help

  • Nsky24

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I agree with you on all counts. The exercise makes me feel better, and I know through past experience that without adjusting your diet there is only so far it alone can take you and that unless you are prepared to sustain it is temporary. I do have an issue I believe with water retention, it's annoying though that the days I generally feel worst are the days I choose to weigh in😀

    Dave x

  • As we all do, although if you weigh yourself every day, you need to take the average of all th days!

    The no sugar mob, reckon you t can happen, I just ate more nuts, crisps and cheese, I admit I'm addicted!

  • Little victories Dave. Stick with it. I lost 4.5lb my first week and remember thinking "wow, after 12weeks I could loose 3stone easily at this rate". Week two was 2lb and I think week three was 1lb. I was disappointed but shifted my attention from projecting weight loss forward to patting myself on the back that I'd made a loss each week. I promise you that every ounce counts. I'm increasing my exercises too but am taking that gradually too. Just fitting in what I can when I can is easier that committing to something I struggle to achieve. Keep going, it's a long, bumpy bit worthwhile route.

  • Thanks Twiglet. I appreciate the sound advise. It will take time to pat myself on the back rather than beat myself up, a change in mindset needed.

    Dave x

  • Just think Dave if you'd never made the change, eh?

    You'd be at square one, blaming this and the other, as we do, just think of your body and how much better it will serve you

  • Hi Dave,

    Hang on in there you are going in the right direction, slow and steady wins the race you know 😃Think back to the other extrem diets bet you you feel better following this lifestyle change ( I don't call it a diet cos it's about change X)

    So glad you a noticing a change in your body and clothes it's a powerful feeling. The next time you are in the supermarket pick up 5 pks of sugar or a bag of potatoes !!

    Life is for living and time with your grandchildren is precious you can always fit a bike ride in on another day.

    You are going good, enjoy your week


  • Flossie

    Thank your your comments help so much and confirm the feeling that your not alone. Enjoyed short bike ride to work this morning and agree that time with children and grandchildren is far too important to miss.

    Dave x

  • Well done, at least slowly means more sustainable

  • Dave, you could have been writing about me! :)

    I remember the good old days when I could lose a stone in a fortnight, but I also remember the bad old days when that stone would come back and bring his friend 2st with him!

    This is a change for life and soon you'll be able to go on bike rides with your grandchildren :)

    Keep it up, you're doing a grand job :)

  • Couldn't agree more ...not a sprint! This is for a really healthy life...and even at a pound a week, the pounds soon melt away....

  • Thank you all. Great responses all really helpful. Looking forward already to a relaxing weekend.

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