Getting a head start

I actually started the plan on 1st October, as me and my partner have decided to go 'sober for October', so I've had a couple of days head start. We thought going 'sober for October' would be a good prompt to cut out the rubbish associated with a boozy night in, and I survived my first weekend in possibly years without a glass of wine! I class myself as one of those people 'who don't really eat that much' it's just the wine and associated nibbles that's my downfall. I've compiled a chart of the weight I want to be on a given date, with a list of all the clothes I want to fit back into. This has come to 60 items of clothing! Yikes - that's a serious amount of money wasted on clothes that I need to lose 'just a few pounds' for them to fit again. So time to stop dreaming - and get real.


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4 Replies

  • Well done for getting started. Cutting out the empty alcohol calories will give you a good kick start. My advice is watch your portion size and keep track if everything you eat, as you say all this little nibbled are a big downfall!

    Good luck.

  • Hey Jane....I've mainly cut out the drinks and have shed twelve pounds already... six weeks. Amazing how quickly it happens. Hooe you find it easy....good luck!..oh and if you ski...that's another big win for the slopes in the next few'll be up and down the black runs in no time!

  • Well done for cutting out the alcohol and nibbles. I don't really drink anymore, havent drunk much since trying to help a friend stop drinking which she now has. Alcohol is often responsible for overeating, that's how I put on most of my weight.

    Good luck with being sober during October and with losing the weight you need to fit into all those clothes 😃

  • Hi Jane

    Wishing you both every success. Don't starve, eat sensibly and accept that there's no quick fix just a sensible and enjoyable journey if you get it right.

    Dave x

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