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Can't do weekends

I'm really struggling at weekends, just can't seem to stick to it. I can be 100% through the week then ruin it all at the weekends. I was managing great up go now but the last few weekends I have really struggled. I haven't lost anything the last few weeks. I'm really annoyed at myself. I'm nowhere near my target, still got a long way to go. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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hi their what have you been doing in the weeks prior to when you notice the brakes came on but then your ruining your weekend if you can answer that question then and only then can you move on take care look forward to you reply Alan


You need understand why you fail, I guess being out with family/friends etc, plan and plan, invite them over and cook something healthy.

Sort that out and fix, good luck!


Look up calorie cycling. Reduce your consumption in the week but increase at weekends . So if your daily allowance is 1400. X7= 9800

Eat no more than 1200 for 5 days = 6000

That leaves 3800 for the weekend. That's 1900 a day. But don't go over.

It works do long as you are careful in the week and still count everything .

Good luck


Weekends have less structure to them...and the promise of fun! So can you plan fun activities away from the fridge?...and eating houses? hope you have a super week.


Join monday weigh in

keeps you a bit more on your toes over the weekend


As others said: Identity what the problem is. Some suggestions :

If you feel you deserve a treat at the weekend: think of something non - food related.

If you feel it has to be a calorific treat: plan ahead, get a bit of what you fancy, best quality you can afford, and consciously enjoy it.

Boredom: Try to introduce more structure into your weekend.

Hope that helps :)


Thanks guys, I think it's not being at work, it doesn't help not having a routine. I'm going to make a super effort this weekend coming, I'm watching my 2 neices and nephew on sat night. They're 7, 5 and 1. Think I'll get them out for a long walk :) Just need to get a grip lol I will look into calorie cycling. Whenever I try and diet I get to the 2 and a half stone mark and its like my brain decides that's enough, you don't need to lose anymore and I struggle. Normally I give up then start again and the same thing happens. I'm determined this time though to see it through and get passed this!!


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