Granola - not as sticky and clumpy as shop bought, but just as tasty :)

Granola - not as sticky and clumpy as shop bought, but just as tasty :)

I've been meaning to post my granola recipe for a while. In response to nickynoo77's breakfast question I'm finally adding it here. The problem with granola is it needs a way to stick together, so when you start taking out the sugar, syrup, tonnes of honey that shop bought granolas have, it becomes quite dry and less clumpy, but it still has more bite and flavour than a simple oat muesli. But I've got used to having granola like this, it still has the nice toasted nuts/seeds element to it, and I make up for any lack of sweetness by adding dates and sultanas. You can exchange the nuts/seeds/dried fruit/oil for whatever you have or prefer to use. I've worked out the approx cals/sugar content for this, but I'm sure there's room for improvement! (Not by adding peanut butter though! - that particular experiment wasn't such a success...)

Mix the following together and spread it out, pressed down flat on a baking tray, right up to the edges (a flan dish is good). It should be max about 1 inch deep. If it's a lot deeper than this, transfer some onto a second tray. Bake in a warm oven approx 160 degrees for 25 mins, then turn it a bit, press flat again, then bake another 10 mins or until it has a golden colour.

100g oats

50g peanuts (chopped)

25g walnuts (chopped)

50g sunflower seeds

50ml rapeseed oil

60g/4tbsp honey

Leave to cool for about half an hour. Then transfer it to a food bag/tupperware box and mix in some dried fruit, e.g.:

50g dates (chopped)

30g sultanas

Total cals for this recipe approx 2000 (85g sugar). Should be enough for 12 servings around 40g each, coming to approx 170cals per serving (7g sugar). (Add your milk/yogurt/etc cals on top of this). A smaller portion of this with yogurt and stewed apples works well too.

Any granola recipe variations welcome. I'm sure there's room for improvement here, but it's working for me at the moment :)


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15 Replies

  • This looks absolutely delicious Ruth Yum Yum :-) thanks for the recipe x

  • Don't mind if I do... :D

  • Hopefully by being less sweet it's not so more-ish, so no need for the cheeky grin Gollibooboo :)

  • Thanks Ruth, will make some next weekend 😃

  • Hi Ruth,

    This looks such a delicious recipe, and I will definitely be trying it. I've copied and pasted your recipe into a file of yummy recipes - so far you have contributed 2 recipes to that file (this one, and the Banana cake recipe), and I've also got Portlandprincess's curry recipe there too. Really great to try new delicious recipes. Thank you!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • A few good recipes pop up on here from time to time. I'm yet to try PP's curry recipe but I made a couple of ShellieL's curry recipes the other day (adapted into veggie versions) and they were delicious, plus I got an education about toasting and crushing your own spices :)

  • Fab! Ruth I'll try this this week....I made the Apple flap jacks from memory...they were ok...but I'm sure I shouldn't eat them as I make heart burn😙...just desserts!...

  • Oh no! Did you use bramley apples? They can be quite acidic. I'll revisit your curry recipe now Lowcal's reminded me of it. I might be able to adapt it to a veggie version too. It's always good to just try something new :)

    I just looked back at your curry post and it is veggie - doh! No excuse then! Just need to get some nice veg and curry here I come :)

  • I'm not sure if throwing ingredients into a pan all at the same time is really a recipe...Sheila suggested doing the recipe in a slow cooker...I tried it and it was amazing! doesn't need water and is therefore thick and really flavourful...with whole grain rice...yum!

  • No, wasn't the apples it was the oats....that gave me heartburn...I know strange!

  • Maybe you should steer clear of my recipes in that case. I use a lot of oats. In fact nearly everything I've posted has been mostly oats!

    By the way, most of my recipes are just stir together in a bowl and then bake type recipes too. But you can still make nice things that way :)

  • Love your recipes...I just was a bit silly and went for a hike after just a mouthful of flap jack mixture before I baked it! Will learn not to do this!

  • Daughter and son love granola, will make this and put into individual pots ( or they will chomp through the lot in a couple of sittings), I will melt 30g of dark chocolate and drizzle over the pots, then let set again. Will make a nice 'on the go' breakfast or supper, they tend to eat it as is rather than putting anything with it. Cheers Ruth 😊

  • Mmmmmmmmm

  • Hi Ruth,

    Sounds really nice, just what I've been looking for as a change for brekkie.

    It's going into my book😃

    Thank you.


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