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Hi everyone, I've just signed up to this as yet another weight loss attempt after my last attempt using SW went badly wrong while I was off work for the summer!

I have finally stumbled across some new motivation but struggled with attending classes so am going to give it a go myself and hope for the best; with quite a whopping 5st to lose to get into a healthy weight range it could take some doing and think the only way for it is to take it one day at a time, one pound at a time ...the biggest struggle will be keeping myself motivated so am really pleased there is this forum to chat to people going through the same thing which will hopefully help!

The journey begins...

19/09/15 - 16st 2lb 🙈

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Hi Clarabellah,

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community. It's a very friendly and supportive place.

Wishing you every success with your weight loss journey, and hope you have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Claire...think small steps....then it's easier...I too had to shed five stones of unwanted energy...cos that's what it is....burnt off nine pounds so far and loving the journey...it's not a race ...it will take time (for me one pound a week is just brilliant). And this unwanted energy ain't coming back....because I don't need it!

This forum has been a tremendous help...such supportive people. I would recommend posting and responding to posts...this is one way that I keep myself out of mischief! (And the fridge)

Looking forward to hearing your progress.....and good luck!


Hi! Thanks, I never actually thought of it as a tool to keep me out of mischief but you're so right that it will!

9lb is great going, well done you, I'm looking forward to being able to say I've lost something, even if it's only a couple of pound to start with! Good luck with your journey, look forward to hearing how you're getting on. 😊

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i think the forum is a constant reminder that were not alone....so it keeps us, usually, on track...enjoy the day!


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