On a diet and not hungry- is it possible

You see that's when you think something is not right. You count, you go below what your kcal goal for the day was (I was meant to go 1800 but I go 1600) and you are not hungry at all? Well... It is possible ;) for the morning I've done scrambled eggs (2) with whole tomato and whole onion. Imagine I barely ate it! Full plate and little kcal! Then I had some cruchy oats with natural yoghurt and banana, then minced turkey with mushrooms & onions I've prepped yesterday with some pasta (btw today I've found low carb pasta (60%protein!). And then plum and apple and for last meal salad with feta I've prepared yesterday with roasted chicken breast and rice cakes as extras to breakfast and dinner. I'm full... is it even a diet?;)))) it just takes time to count how much calories is in food you cook... so far my food app says I have too much cholesterol in my food. I bet that's egg yolks. Whatever then :p whole eggs are good and yolk gives you vitamin.

Today I've prepared breakfast for few days.

Healthy pancakes. I've used 10 eggs (it's better to do it with egg whites when caring for cholesterol), 300g porridge oats, 18g coconut flour, 30g raisins, 10g hazelnut, a bit of pineapple. Then fried it on low kcal olive oil spray. They'll be served with Greek yoghurt and banana or peach or with low sugar jam. Yummy!!! It used to be my favourite meal of the day. Although it comes the best when you mix in vanilla or chocolate protein whey (and adds important protein!!). 222kcal per 100g.


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  • Hi I'm going to start tomorrow I've downloaded the 12 week plan. What food app do you use?

  • Hi Debbie, I think my fitness pal is really great. Good luck getting started.

  • Pancake recipe sounds yum!

  • Hi worrier princess...I know what you mean! And the food tastes so good too. I've now pushed my cal intake to 1600 that's in line with BMI recommendations and it's difficulty. To eat...unless I have a hiccup. So well done you! Love the recipes and love the post!

  • Where did you get your pasta from. Got to say your diet sounds quite similar to mine. I love pancakes too and use banana protein powder in mine with berries and plain Greek yoghurt

  • It's new opened shop in here. Can't remember the name. Has lots of healthy stuff and ingredients for cakes etc. Quite cheap too!

  • Hi recipes sound great, Ive downloaded 12 week plan and starting today. Good luck

  • That pancake recipe sounds good. I do something similar with just eggs, milled oats and soya milk, fried in rapeseed oil. But I like the sound of all your added ingredients. I like the sound of adding the nutty/fruity ingredients - pineapple sounds particularly good. I might try that. Enjoy the challenge of fitting all those amazing things into your diet :)

  • It's also good with banana or any kind of berries. It's not very low in kcal but breakfast should be the most loaded meal regarding protein and good carbs

  • I just use 1 egg, about 2 tablespoons oat flour, and enough soya milk to make the mixture runny. This makes 2 to 3 pancakes which I share with my boyfriend (the 1st one normally doesn't work as well, so we just have the 2nd and 3rd ones). We fill them with tiny bits of broken dark chocolate and a whole sliced banana each. I sprinkle icing sugar on top of his, as he needs the sweetness more than me. This comes to about 250cals each which is fine for breakfast I think. I think little bits of chopped pineapple in the pancake mix would be a great addition too :)

  • I like using eggs as I think they are really good thing and I also make breakfast for few days out of it because I know myself well enough that I WILL NOT prepare a meal at 5 am no way. If I press snooze few times breakfast would be gone as priority is to take dog out before I go to work

  • I have to admit, I would only make pancakes on the weekend. Your method sounds good for managing it on weekdays too :)

  • started first week on Monday. eating healthy at the moment. no sweet treats, cake, biscuits etc. just managing to take in nearly 1400 cals. to be honest, don't feel really hungry. do you think it's because I am not having sugar rushes. x

  • As long as it's eating often but little it should be fine. Sometimes little doesn't mean little in size but little in kcal

  • xx

  • Pancakes above have 8g fat, 21.9 carbohydrates and 10g protein in 100g. Protein profile should be higher for my taste to make them the pancakes i love but I need to buy protein whey... not money to spare now though

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