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I've been following SW on line and struggling a bit only lost 3lbs in 4 weeks .Its easy to follow but I feel I'm not losing enough .

I walk and cycle everyday .I also have a rowing machine .So doing loads of exercise .

Maybe I'd be better going to classes .My lovely partner paid for the online subscription as he knows how miserable my weight is making me .I need to lose 2 stone which I put on while on steroids for asthma and have just started HRT which won't help .I also have IBS and high blood pressure which I take meds for .I suffer from water retention and bloating which drives me nuts so weight can fluctuate quite a lot .

Any suggestions would be great .

Are the classes better for support or am I better sticking online

Aileen 🌺😃


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6 Replies

  • Hi I go to the classes u get a lot more support there and every one the same so no embarrassment I enjoy going I go every Wednesday evening me and my daughter I find it hard as I'm on lots of steroids for my asthma and steroids based drugs it's very hard but it is coming off it is slow I'm not going to lie I lost a stone took 5 months but I done it then I thought I would b clever and stop going and try it at home myself didn't work I couldn't do it so I started again and it's helping I love it u pay £5 a week but u have the groups to support u and u find out other stuff people try and there always there to help u have a go worth a try good luck x

  • Hi Tracy

    I think that's what I need is the support from other members .Online ok but no one to talk to

    Going to class tonight

    Aileen 😃🌺🌻

  • Ur welcome have a good time I love it look forward to going and the lady that runs it always at the end of a phone or Facebook ,email for us if we need her read the magazines as well there good and the high far bars r great for a snack they sale them at groups good luck let me know how u get on x

  • Congratulations on your shedding of three pounds.....take a look at what that looks like in terms of packs of butter and feel good About it...why the rush? It's really healthy for you to shed slowly and the theory is it will stay off longer. Also there's loads of research that backs up support groups..including online that works with long term life well done you....keep on keeping on😉

  • hi, I too had IBS and GERD - I put myself on a gluten free diet 12 months ago and all these symptoms have gone, do your own research, it might work for you too. I am on week 2 - lost 6lb last week and weigh in tomorrow - good luck to you

  • If you're losing something, then surely that's a small victory at least. Whether it works for you to go to groups is something only you can tell. Do you do groups? It may work it may not. BUT groups wouldn't exist if they were ineffective. They don't for me, but then I may be odd :P Good luck

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