Early weigh in and a break from Strength September

I have a challenging few days ahead! It's my friend's engagement party this afternoon followed by a religious festival which means I'll be staying at my boyfriend's parents' flat from tonight til Tues eve. I've been worrying about how to keep fitting in my strength exercises not to mention sticking to alcohol resolutions at this afternoon's party and politely turning down cake etc over the next few days.

Then last night my bf noticed a bruise on my lower back. I'd just done a mega session of doing squats to make up my amount for the day (107!). I was trying to think whether I'd knocked my back while carrying my bike, or what else could have caused it. It's a symmetrical bruise, one on each side of my tailbone, in the same place as I often get back pain anyway. The possibility of having got this bruise from exercise felt quite serious - I'm worried it's to do with doing the squats, not to mention the terrifying 'abs' exercises I've been trying to do on the NHS site. Like a burst capillary or something! Hope it goes soon! :(

So, I'm now welcoming the next few days as an opportunity to actually take a break from squats etc.. Hopefully the bruise will go quickly. If so, I'll resume them from Wed onwards, but at a much lower level, e.g. 40/50. I'll also reassess what other strength exercises I'm doing, so that I'm putting less strain on my back (maybe take a break from 'planks' for a bit!)

This means I'm taking a complete break from exercise for the next 3 days, starting from today. To motivate myself to keep an eye on my food intake for the next few days, I've decided to do a before and after weigh-in. So I've weighed myself now, at 10st6, 2lb down from last week, and 1lb under my goal weight - woohoo! I'll also weigh myself on Wednesday, to see how I get on during these three challenging days. Feeling extremely brave right now, as I don't normally do this sort of thing, really focussing on eating healthily alone, with no exercising at all. But I know lots of people on here do it, and if I make sensible healthy decisions, it should be completely achievable.

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25 Replies

  • I hope you're okay Ruth.

    The first thing we have to do following a workout is recover. You could allow 4.5 days between sessions and still progress, at least once every 9 days to maintain.

    All the best!

  • Thanks, I'm always advising other people about recovery time too, time to take my own advice I think!

  • Good luck Ruth, you artery focused and I am sure you will be able to manage your goals. Taking a bit of time out to relax and enjoy self is important too.

    Have fun 😀

  • Thanks Eatwell, hope you can enjoy some relaxation time a bit too while your knee continues to recover :)

  • Wow so close to your goal weight it's amazing! Enjoy your couple of days off I'm sure you'll be straight back to it.

  • Thanks Emma-x, I'm so close, in fact I'm actually at my goal weight now, healthy bmi, the lot. Feels like an anticlimax though! I'll believe it when I'm there for a few weeks I think. Hope you're having a good wknd too :)

  • OMG Ruth,

    Bit worrying eh !, but congrats on another great result, and under goal💐😃

    I think your time away has maybe come at a good time, give your body a rest and just enjoy your few days. You can still do a bit of alcohol and a bit of cake ! lol( well not me !!). You know the old saying ' all in moderation'.

    I do think you will do well, yes it is a bit daunting but think of all your hard work and what you have learned. Even if you do gain on your return my races trip a few weeks ago showed me that if I get back to what is 'normal' now the weight settles back.

    Have a lovely time you deserve it, there's always next week, whatever you do or don't do you will not undo all your lifestyle changes, and at the end of the day we are all making lifestyle changes in health, fitness and wellbeing not just 'on a diet'.

    Look forward to catching up on your return.

    Enjoy Honeybun.


  • Yeah it's totally weird but hopefully I'm reacting the right way in just taking a complete break from exercise! Thanks for reassuring me about the weight settling back. I'm going to try and just be sensible but also enjoy myself. Should all be okay. Catch up next week :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Wishing you all the best with your break, and hope you enjoy the next few days, and the party this afternoon, and religious celebrations.

    Very sensible to take a break from the exercise to recover - you certainly have been doing a lot recently. I hope the bruise heals soon.

    Will look forward to catching up with you when you're back.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal! On my way to the party right now, and feeling a bit sneaky for letting myself off the squats etc too! But I think a break is def in order. Catch up next week :)

  • Well done on reaching your goal! That's amazing. I think that you are right to rest from the exercise and o am sure you can maintain even with the challenges x

  • Thanks 2BFabnFit. It feels like an anticlimax, but hopefully will enjoy being at my goal better when I'm confident about sustaining it :)

  • Probably your ?injury and the challenges of the next few days make you feel like that here's hoping that you will still be at goal for your next weigh in and you will start to enjoy the feeling

  • Hi Ruth,

    It sounds like you're making a good decision for yourself. Enjoy your break!

  • Hi Ruth, well done for getting below your goal weight :) :) :)

    At least you have a whole lb leeway for the next few days.

    Hope you haven't been pushing yourself too much on the exercise - sounds like a break is in order, maybe a nice walk if you can fit one it but nothing too strenuous.

    I haven't managed any of my resistance exercise - was panning to go it last Sunday but walked 8km and I was too knackered. What I have done instead though to make up for it is swim one week and play about 30 mins of tennis. This must have helped strengthen my upper body :) So I don't feel I have failed. Swimming again on Tuesday. The tennis and swimming is with hubby so much easier to do than getting the house to myself to do a DVD.

    Anyway, hope you have a fab few days and enjoy yourself. You've done amazingly well to get to your target and deserve a little break :)

  • Hi Sueper, great to hear you did some swimming and tennis, both sound like great forms of exercise. I've just got back from my 3 days off and wondering how to ease myself back in. Good to be reminded of the frame of mind where you try to do exercise in a way that works for you, swapping things around as necessary etc, thanks! :)

  • Hi Ruth the bruising doesn't sound to good and is a little worrying, but having a break should hopefully sort this out and I hope you have nice few days off the exercise. I am very confident in you that you will be able to maintain all of your hard work so far.

    Ruth it is abosolutely amazing that you have passed your goal by a pound and I bet you are sooo.... chuffed. I am really please for you hun and well done and you go girl with 107 squats that is massive !!! :-)

    Stay focused as always and I sure you'll do fine

    Traff x

  • Hi Ruth.....mixed feelings here..hope. Ruining goes quickly...and no further probs..so brilliant to be BELOW target....and time to chill out and rest....you do really deserve it ! Take care.

  • Hi Ruth, hope you have a good few days, and I'm sure youll be fine with the eating, so long as you stick to healthy options and portions your at goal weight now so have a little more leeway than when you were losing. Re the bruise, you may have just knocked yourself , if you're busy and concentrating on some thing else it's easy not to notice till the bruise comes up later, but if it comes up again when you re- start the strength excercises you might need to get it checked. ☀️

  • Hi Ruth,

    Well done on getting that target :-) :-) How brilliant is that !

    Could the bruise be where you've been leaning on that area while doing the abs exercises ? Hope it's ok anyway and soon disappears. Taking a break is probably a good idea, or re-concentrating your efforts on a different bit of your body (eg arms ?) when you return might help ?

    Hope you have a lovely time away. Enjoy yourself and add some treats in (including cake !) - you deserve them ! I'm sure any weight that you put on will soon disappear within the next week once you are back on track with your exercise :-) Now you are at your target, you have to learn to not deny yourself - but just have things in moderation, and plan in a few extra healthy days afterwards.

  • That's a good point, maybe it's the pressure of lying on the floor doing situps etc. I should be using a mat I guess! Maybe that does explain it actually. Thanks :)

  • hi ruth,

    I think you may have inadvertently put your finger on it when you said 'plank'. apparently its the 'in thing' to do more than is safe. I read an article a few weeks ago in the Daily Mail Tuesday health revue. planks can cause subsidiary problems all over the body, including places you wouldn't think of: ribs, sternum, back etc.

    as all docs recommend- if it's hurting~ stop doing it. its all to easy to think that we can 'train through' an injury until it goes away. we can't!!

  • Hi Sandylaner1. I have to admit I groaned when I saw your list of potential problems that have been 'reported' from doing the 'plank', but I've now looked up the article and am grateful to you for pointing it out dailymail.co.uk/femail/arti... My symptoms are more in the lower back than in the ribs as the article reports, and this is a place where I have problems anyway (from a historical injury). Also, I was holding the 'plank' for 5 seconds, rather than 2 minutes as the lady was in the article. But I'll take the warning on board, even if this wasn't the cause of my back pain this time. I'm also relieved to have it confirmed that the 'plank' is horrendous - I have not been a fan at all - think it may well get dropped from my routine (as and when I resume!)

  • Oh goodness - I read the article and then spent 5 minutes reading the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame - I have too much to do to be spending time reading that twaddle ! Must concentrate on work....

    Anyway, seems like a good excuse to stop doing the plank :-)

  • I'm a day later logging on here, eeek Ruth! Hope the bruise goes quickly and the back eases significantly, you seem to have a sensible approach to aid your recovery and all will be back to normal soon I'm sure.

    On the flip side of the coin, congratulations, whoohoo 🎉💥🎉 1lb below target weight!!!! Go girl! Such fab news, really chuffed for you. 100% deserved.

    Hope you enjoyed the engagement party, and your having a fab time over the next few days with your boyfriend and family. 😊

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