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Three weeks of holiday DONE!

Three weeks of holiday DONE!

Although tomorrow marks the start of a new school year and today is the last day of my summer holidays I am glad I am now able to 'focus' on my fitness and nutrition after a three week SPLURGE!

Have had a fabulous time. A week on canal boat in Shropshire and along the Llangollen canal, a week in Brecon at The Greenman Festival and a week with my baby sister who drove down to see us from the western isles.

This has meant the flowing:

Champagne, gin, wine, cider, cake, crisps, chips, battered fish, curries, chocolate, pancakes...

It also included running along the canal every day bar one, taking my sister to fitness classes this last week and going out on our bikes a fair bit...

So I am happy to weigh in today at 10st 3lbs. Three and a half weeks ago or the closest to being able to weigh in I was 10st 5lbs.

It has been bloody lovely to have a drop here and there and enjoy a slice of naughty now and then. That said, I am glad now to be more in the saddle again. With a triathlon in under three weeks time I need now to look at nutrition for health rather than loss.

Oh, and I am writing this on day 148 of my new life's journey 😊

This time I will NOT fall off. The memory of feeling so uncomfortable and plain depressed has it's value.

K xx

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Lovely holiday pic...and good luck with the triathlon.


Thank you! x


Well done you, sounds like you had a fabulous holiday and good luck πŸ€ in the tri - let us know how it goes 🏊 🚲 πŸƒ = 😊


Thank you Chestnut, I will.

I am doing it for brain tumour research UK. I was diagnosed with a second tumour last year; the first was removed in 2008 so I want to raise money and support a charity that supports the people who look after me.

It means I tend to cry every time I go out because I am so glad I am able to do it xx


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