Just feeling a bit of, well, I'm not exactly sure what. I've just thrown all my trousers away apart from two pairs! About 20 pairs have gone in the re-cycle skip! I had to buy a new pair and dug out an old pair that fit now. Had quite a collection, 36 waist, lots of 38 what even a pair of 39 waist and too many pairs of 40 inch waist. All too big so they've gone, gone, gone!

Never thought this would be possible in the time-scale Week 9 but following the NHS 12 week plan and getting off my fat A*** and going running has been the best thing I've done in D E C A D E S! I'm a little off the lightest I've been in my adult life and I'm planning to get back to that weight in about 4 or 5 more weeks.

The calorie counting has worked. I've got a diet which gives me everything I want to eat. Gives me plenty of energy to exercise. I've got back into the exercise habit running 3x a week or more -not just cycling on a Sunday. I've also really enjoyed being part of the community on here and I'd have slacked off if it wasn't for the forum so big shout out to all of you and get your pants ready to chuck!


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  • That photo gave me a bit of a fright !!!! It was the first thing I saw when put iPad on😱 lol.

    It's a great feeling when clothes are ' too big' , and even better when getting rid of them, never to fit again.

    For all the diet plans out there the old fashioned does work, count calories, move more and even eat a bit of what you fancy now and again. Not rocket science but it's taken me years to grasp it !!

    No more.

    Enjoy your success and the new clothes.

    Have a great week.


  • Losing £s while losing lbs! Yep me too - I find it a bit sad getting rid of some my more lovely clothes but eventually I will replace them with ones just as lovely and much smaller!

    Well done you though making great progress :)

  • Great Andrew it must be a really really good feeling and you have earned it. hope you replace them with an equally -ahem -😉tasteful offerings.

  • Just nine weeks. That's amazing. So impressive. You're an inspiration. So true about calorie counting. I too am enjoying getting back to me but at the early stages where it's still a bit difficult tying shoe laces as tummy is in the way. One day at a time and each day is feeling good!

  • 🎈🎇🎈 Well done and keep going !!! 🚲🚶

    That is such an achievement for you and encouragement for everyone here 😊

  • Go andrew, superb news. It can be quite frighteningly expensive this losing weight lark. So worth it though, so worth it. 🎉😊

  • Great video and an inspirational guy - you can really appreciate the changes we are all making and the difference it will have to our lives!

  • I still have a few size 16 things that feel relatively recently purchased, but the size 12s which I've had for years and are perhaps slightly more weathered and worn are much more treasured now - because they fit! The 16s will all eventually go in the Scope bin. Slowly doing it. Apart from a couple of nice dresses which can be adapted by way of a big sparkly belt :)

  • Took a bit of nerve, but the lot have gone! I'm even looking sideways at my larger bits of cycling gear which were not cheap but I reckon its about being serious about change and making it stick! Gulp!

  • Bulk-sell them on ebay/gumtree? As a ready-to-go kit for someone to jump in and get all the necessary gear in one go? Maybe think of the savings from less wear and tear on your bike from not making it carry as much weight anymore. I'm trying to think about the savings happening elsewhere, to counter the money spent on clothes that I didn't get a 'full wear' out of, e.g. maybe my shoes will wear out slower now, lining will be less likely to rip in my winter coat again, etc...

  • I'm more thinking of a bonfire! Its not the cost its more the "I'm never, ever, going back to that!" I am thinking that it might be time towards the end of the year to replace things with decent quality rather than the cheap fat lad stuff I used to buy. I'd either buy cheap very very large because I didn't like being big or if I lost a bot of weight I still bought cheap almost as if I didn't believe or have the commitment to myself. One was lack of self worth the other was lack of self belief. I've learned so much on this, and I'm doing so much on this its very very different from the few other times I've lost weight.

    We will see! I think my next cycle jersey might be Rapha rather than Lidl!

  • I haven't yet graduated to Lidl! I'm still running/cycling in stuff from charity shops or George at Asda! Apart from my nice £20 jeans from Uniqlo. I guess we're on different budgets though :)

  • No, I'm as careful as anyone else but I reckon I should make a statement of intent sometime! (Lidl Cycle & running kit is really good BTW) :-)

  • Well done! So great when you realise that something is too big!

    Enjoy the journey as you need to start getting new clothes.

  • Boom!! Well done you.

  • Hey, bet you feel good - and so you should. Well done you! :D

  • Well that was an alarming sight

    It's a good feeling isn't it?

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