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The power of a word

our subconscious is so very powerful. It enables us to breathe without thinking about it, sweat when we're too hot.........one of the things I do without thinking about it is open the door to my mums fridge whenever I visit......I don't take anything out, I just take a look to see what's in there.

So what's the point of this ramble.

Someone once said to me, Portland princess (not really), if you tell yourself that you want to loose weight....and you loose weight......your subconscious will know that you've lost weight. If you loose something your subconscious will then find that weight again for you....so kind of it!

Might be rubbish but I'm now telling me that I'm whittling my waist, sculpting my body, and melting away the fat. I don't want to find these pounds because they're not lost, there gone for good!

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Love it! My mantra .I am getting healthier. I love myself healthy!

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Really like that.


I think its awesome that you are really tuning into your own self talk and working out what will and won't motivate you.

By doing this you are putting a circuit breaker between your cravings and what you actually do - its a great way to break the cycle.

Go you!


I just said to jax that I'm a starter so need the forum to keep me moving in the right direction. It's a really supportive place and non judgemental love it...and love your posts!


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