I can almost taste the freedom :)

I haven't really gone into detail on my current work situation.

I work in a shop that gets maybe 15 customers a day on a *busy* day and I have about an hours worth of real work I have to do and then time is my own for the rest of the day. Its paid under the table (long story) and I plan to be here until Octoberish when it will be time to go out and get a "real" job again.

Just the owner and I work here and he has been in Greece for the past 8 weeks and comes back to the shop this Thursday.... so I have been here 9 until 9, 7 days a week since July 1st.

I have found ways to get my exercise and have been strict about *only* eating food I cook as there are lots of take away options around here - except a subway here or there - so its been busy at the start and end of the day and boring for the rest of the time. I even have my toothbrush here and brush when I get in and just before I go home lol

Because I am cooking and trying to get life stuff done before work and then I basically get home, chillout for an hour and go to bed there has been no time to fit in gym.

The more i learn the more I understand how *important* resistance and weight training are to being able to maintain and achieve weight loss so I have been aching to get to the gym and get started on a weights and resistance program.

There have been a lot of studies that both agree *and* disagree that aerobic activity helps lose body fat but there is a general consensus that increasing your lean muscle *does* equal fat reduction in the body so my flabby tired muscles have got some work to do.

This is a podcast you may find interesting about aerobic activity and its effect on fat loss in the body.


I'd urge you to take a listen - some *very* illuminating information. I have already listened to it twice to get my head around it as its quite different to what we have traditionally thought.

I'll leave it to you as to whether you take on what they say or decide its not something you adhere to :)

*Anyway* - your body stores sugar in your muscles as ready energy. When your muscles are "full" that energy or sugar is converted to fat storage. By increasing the quality and quantity of your muscle mass you increase the amount of energy they can store and decrease the amount of fat that is stored.

I love doing leg work at the gym - after 45 years of carrying around an obese or overweight body my pins are pretty well toned...its the arms and belly and chest that need the most work *but* its just about time to start addressing this.

So if I do not report that I have been to the gym by this time next week get on my case! :)

My first day off in 8 weeks is on Thursday - can not wait!

Have a great day all! :)


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23 Replies

  • Good luck for Thurs! I also need to rebuild upper body strength lost in recent years of doing more sedentary work, freelancing via my computer etc. Ironically, my 10am til 10pm shifts in off licences in the past were very good exercise, heaving crates of beer and wine around all day. Perhaps you could encourage the owner of your shop to stock some heavier items. Will try to listen to the podcast, perhaps on my next run :)

  • I still do my fast weave around the shop - by the end of the day I have usually clocked about 2 km's and there is a flight of stairs that I run up and down about 30 times during the day so it all helps :)

    Perhaps we should start selling 50 pound bags of flour!

    I listen to the podcasts every day on y way to and from work - SO interesting and would be a great running buddy for you :)

  • Shopwork is more active compared to lots of jobs just in its nature. But I def applaud you for all the extra ways you fit exercise into it. Stairs are especially effective. I've recently started to walk up escalators on the tube just to fit in that little extra exercise as I'm going through the day.

    Good luck for the next phase of your journey, finding ways to exercise in your own free time :)

  • Well done Dave, I can tell by the detail in your posts that you really want to do this and get the weight off, it's really encouraging to wake up and see your posts!!

    I really do wish you, me and everyone on their weight loss journey all the very best with it and to have lots of success.

  • Its alright I keep an eye things while you guys are sleeping -don't want any rogue fat cells logging in and trying to latch on! :)

  • Hi Dave, that sounds like a really tough gig! Might suit you for now on some ways but you've clearly got loads more to offer the world and I for one are glad that your are here!

    Hope you have a great day on Thursday!

  • Andrew I think in some ways this "confinement" of sorts has helped to really focus me on my weight and exercise so I can get a good foundation in place whcih is now paying dividends.

    I really will feel quite odd not being here after 60 or so days I am sure :)

  • I Know what you mean - I've actually thought that my occasional trips to the Middle East - no alcohol, hotel food, no fun, no going out sounded really thought but actually it was where I found I could manage without a drink. I was really surprised to discover I could actually get to sole sober and that the sleep was good! Sometimes good stuff comes in stage places!

  • Hi Dave, sounds like you have a really good plan in place and have your head in the game. It's great that you finally have a day off on Thursday and can use this time to get down to the gym. I think you might be feeling it the day after so make sure you get in some good stretches.

    I do a mix of cardio and weights both upper and lower body strength training and have increased my overall muscle mass considerably over the course of my journey. I can push 80 kilos on the leg press and 30 kilos on the arm bar. I find I have a lot more strength in my lower body than the upper but will continue to work on this as I progress.

    I hope you have a great workout and let us know how you get on

    Good luck :-)

  • Thanks mate - good reminder on the stretching, planning to see a trainer and get a program in place so I have some goals to work towards.

  • Hi Dave.....you've got so many supporters here that when Thursday comes.....we'll be cheering you on! Don't think you'll need us to be on your case.

  • Thats so sweet of you to say. Thats what I like about this forum we are ALL supporters of each other in our struggles and in our victories :)

  • Hi Dave, are you ok, you seem to have been quiet for a few days! Hope all is going well

  • All good - just had nothing interesting or funny to post yesterday but I replied to quite a few questions in my usual mouthy way :)

  • Morning/Evening Dave :)

    I applaud you for planning a gym session on your first day off in weeks .. I bet the 'old' you would have collapsed in a heap in front of daytime TV!! I know you will do it so it won't be necessary for us lot to mention it, just look forward to hearing how you got on.

    Keep up the good work x

  • Thanks Ali and yes you are absolutely right - I would have justified sitting in front of the TV with a big block of chocolate as my reward for having gotten through 2 months of hell.

    What an awesome reward.

    Almost a full days calories in one bar of chocolate slowly drifting round my body, settling itself nicely in my lovely big fat deposits, spiking my insulin, slowing down my already protesting metabolism, stimulating my endorphins to fool me into believing its just like a big hug...how do we ever convince ourselves that these kinds of foods in such excess are a "reward" for our body as they slowly destroy our health.

  • Been there done that! It didn't help!

  • I'm going to print that awesome paragraph out & stick it on my fridge just in case I need reminding that the 'chocolate hug' is a sensible idea!

  • Hi Dave,

    Reading your day to day makes me realise how determined you are to make changes and really impressed.

    I was early retired from work due to health issues and know how much 'time' this exercise and wgt loss plan takes! Mind you it does make me realise why I was not successful for long in the past. I know some will disagree but any major life change takes planning and life does get in the way, so hats off to you for all have achieved.😃

    I do like the podcast, it really does make me think.

    Have a great day off, I hope you are doing something nice ??


  • I am SO pleased you are enjoying the podcast. I know I go on about it but every single one of them I learn something new. I often listen to them twice which is why I am only up to number 15.

    And you are absolutely right. Really being successful at this DOES take work and time. It takes planning and organisation and commitment and I often wonder how people who are REALLY busy fit it all in.

  • That sounds like a tough work situation. Fantastic you have managed to start this plan and stick with it under the circumstances. great at last you can get to the gym for a well earned day off on thursday - enjoy!

  • Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know I listened to the podcast during my run yesterday and learned a lot. The statistics about the proportion of people who get diabetes where it wasn't hereditary really surprised me. As someone with a lot of diabetes in the family, I just thought people inherit it, and that I need to be careful not to inherit it myself. When I put on weight I was scolding myself for putting myself at risk of inheriting it. But I now understand about insulin resistance, about the vicious cycle of hormones created by fat cells that make people less likely to want to exercise, and importantly about how it all gets reversed if you manage to lose the weight and regain fitness. They explained it all clearly, with a lot of positivity, humour and without taking themselves too seriously, and as a result I feel better informed :)

    What annoyed me a bit though was while I was puffing and struggling with my run they kept saying how aerobic exercise won't make you lose weight, which made me laugh as it's definitely helped me. But I do get what they mean. I think maybe it's more help if you find it as much of a struggle as I do though, it becomes resistance/high intensity because of the way I push muscles that aren't yet fully adapted to running. But they are yet another voice reminding me that I need to do more resistance/strength exercises, so one good effect of listening to the podcast is I'm now more resolved to go back to the rowing machine in the park, or do some situps etc at home :)

    I may listen to more of those podcasts, or I may find my own podcasts to listen to. I really enjoyed focussing on what they were saying, it made the whole run feel more purposeful and interesting, so all in all thanks for sharing it :)

  • When you said you were going to listen to it while you were running i wondered you would feel about the aerobic exercise conversations lol

    It IS hard to get your head around isn't it? And also for me who has my laser focus on the 2016 Sydney City To Surf as my goal! In the end I think a balance is whats needed.

    I found their first 5 to be extremely informative and told me things as a professional dieter I had never heard before. I relistenened to them several times to get all the information and even made some notes.

    And now you can see why I keep harping on about me having to get into weight training. I am enjoying see the pounds drop off and I am definitely working for each one but I am a little concerned that I am losing muscle mass as well which as we get older is so important for our health.

    Have a good one!

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