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Exercise and eating clean pays off

This is my first post on this forum. I have been following the nhs plan for eight weeks now. During the first 6 weeks I lost 5.5kg (12lbs). Due to cycling I hurt my ankle and rested from exercise during week 7. I gained 150grams (0.33lbs)during this week. Week 8 I went back to my normal exercise and eating healthy routine. I am yet to find out how much I lost in week 8 come Monday. This plan has really helped me. It's not a yoyo diet but it has encouraged me to change my habits to a healthier lifestyle slowly while ensuring that this becomes a part of my life. As I was putting some clothes away that I knew never fit me, I decided to just try a skirt before putting it away. It was tight but it fit. This plan is very good and I could recommend it to anyone who wants to make a permanent lifestyle change. The people on this forum care and are filled with lots of love. Thank you for your encouragements, they have made a huge difference in my life.

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Well done! Isn't it great when things start to fit better and you begin to feel healthier.

Keep on keeping on.


Hi Lifestyle-Change,

Congratulations - you've done really well on your weight loss journey. I hope your ankle is recovered now, and it's good that your rested it. Good luck with your next weigh-in - it's great that you're back to normal exercise and your healthy eating routine after your injury.

Great that your skirt fits - it's such a good feeling when you can get into something that was too tight previously. Like having a new wardrobe again!

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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The Forum is just as you say. Never experienced such care before. You're doing really well despite the set back with your ankle. I'll keep watching your posts to see how you do!

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Hi lifestyle-change. I am glad you decided to post. You seem to have a great plan and it sounds like it's working. Nothing beats the thrill of realising that you can live better -I bet the skirt looks great. Best of luck.


This is really nice to read.

Well done on your fantastic achievement so far!


Thank you all. I still have a lot of weight to lose but I will continue on the plan even after 12 weeks because it has given me a sense of pride. Taught me to love my body and not torture it by feeding it junk.


I am just so inspired . Your willpower, your focus, not letting setbacks get in your way or give you a reason to quit.

Love it !


Well Done- great to read your story. Hope your Ankle is on the mend! My broken elbow (Cycling accident) got me into this in the first place! Great to hear your clothes are fitting better - I'm looking better in my old skirts too! I bet that feels FAB!



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