Seaside success

Hubby wanted to see the sea..... so we did a day trip to the Kent coast.

Took my lunch with us , salad with a little ćold meat and about 15ml guacamole so that bit was easy.

Mid afternoon . He had an ice cream. I had a peppermint tea 0 calories ! And 4 small apricots i took with me Yay! Go me!

Dinner time ...He wanted fish and chips. Oh no !!!

But we got a large cod and medium chips between us. I ate 1/2 cod but not the batter, and less than 1/4 of the chips. I came in under calories for the day ! And we walked loads...


I can do this!

I hope the scales recognise self control when the see it!

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  • That is SO great - doesn't it feel good to take back control and be in charge of what your body does and doesn't have instead of having those bloody cravings in your ear?

    And maybe they WERE in your ear and it was hard to do at the time but I bet you felt SO good at the end of the day:)

    Yes - you CAN and you ARE doing this :D

  • It was a bit scary at the fish and chip shop. I wanted them but wasn't sure how much I could have. MYFITNESSPAL came to the rescue. Once I knew what I could have I was happy with that. Afterwards I noticed that they did OAP fish and chips much cheaper. Once at maintaining I reckon an OAP portion is probably a healthier size for everyone. But sharing with the hubby worked out for us.

  • Sounds like a lovely day! Isn't incredible the amount of casual calories that are around, all associated with pleasure, that actually make us miserable. You've done well and you've had an important experience with normal healthy eating choices! Thats the way to do it!

    All this stuff isn't bad in itself its just the over abundance of it all and the myth that it makes us happy - sounds like you came out of it happier!

  • You did good, girl, you did good. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • It's amazing what a wonderful day out in the 'sun' can do.....

  • Well done I need some of your control I think! You did good

  • I think I have changed the way I think. I used to think I was being kind to myself if I allowed myself to eat either calorie laden or 'nice but naughty ' food. I now stop and think that it is unkind to myself to eat it, if it gets in the way of my health goals. As it is prolonging the journey to a healthy weight.

    Then if I still want the taste I work out 'how much' I can have. I try to plan ahead to allow for some of the calorie laden stuff by being careful elsewhere.

    I like that I can still eat anything in moderation.

    I have given up refined sugar which helps save calories for other things and I feel much better for it.

  • I couldnt agree more with you, I have given up refined sugar but yesterday I had chocolate and a donut as was a theme park and I felt/feel rubbish now.... Take about sugar hangover! Plenty of water today and back on track. :-)

  • See my post 'sugar was my poison'. Hated cutting it out but happy that I have!

  • When I go to the seaside. Luckily not that often. I always have fish and chips. Apparently it's the law.

  • I kind of agree... Top tip ask for an OAP portion! Cheaper and a much more realistic portion. You can always say that you are getting them for someone else! Lol!

  • Very true

  • I'm very impressed, well done for planning ahead and then resisting temptation to eat a whole portion of fish and chips. Days out can be very tricky unless you think about it in advance.

    I'm into week two and find that it's the friend offering you a slice of millionaire shortbread that is difficult to resist.

  • Mmmm that would have been tricky for me too. Now I just think how bad refined sugar made me feel. ... Apricot anyone?

  • Well done, you remained in control that's really good. Hope you enjoyed your day in beautiful Kent? (I'm a Kentish Lady). Keep up the good work.

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