Why I'm Skipping the Weigh In This Morning!

So, as its Mundi I should be waking up and tripping into the bathroom to jump on the all singing, all dancing, body fat analysing, computer controlled scales for the weekly weigh in. But I'm not. There is absolutely no point and I don't want to be disappointed to see the numbers going up.

I've stuck to calorie counting and gone significantly over on two days, exacerbated by indulging a few beers on top of the excess. I've done even better on the exercise front. 6KM on a couple of days, started weights, but I cycled twice.

Did 48 miles on Wensdi and 65 on Sundi. The 48 miles were glorious. The 65 were blissful. (Thats 100K in new money) But on both days calories went through the roof.

What I noticed was that I had been calorie counting persistently to keep under 1500 as well as exercising that when it came to several hours of more rigorous exercise it was flagging. Probably a good sign that stored glycogen was down but it didn't feel good. The sausage sarnie at the first coffee stop put some Iron back in my legs for the afternoon then we hit the Pasticherra in Beverley - which featured drinks, pizza and ice cream - put fire in my legs for the ride back to the car.

Made me stop and think carefully about getting nutrition right and made me realise that I have still got a lot to learn. Still managed to shave a few grammes off. But I'd under fed before and probably over indulged in the afternoon.

Sundays ride was the York 100 - for Action Research for Children. So I had to get the nutrition right. From the evening before I loaded up the Carbs- Hi GI wholemeal pasta, and porridge for breakfast. Got a few energy bars to go with and set off. If you've never done an organised ride you are missing out. It was amazing! The route was absolutely fantastic. Organisation impeccable and the atmosphere wonderful. The feeding stations were a welcome diversion and feeling the benefit of the loaded carbs. Put in a time that I simply didn't believe - we had to check it. So the nutritional plan seemed to have worked and delivered a very memorable day. But on paper at least was an eye boggling number of calories.

So I'm giving the body a day off the accountability of the scales to let it recover from the exertions as well as the calories. I'll see how I'm getting on tomorrow.

What was really noticeable were the number of people who were on a similar personal journey, yes there were a large number of the super fit super skinny racing snakes, but actually you couldn't tell by looking at someone what distance they were doing. People of all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness were out and about doing something good for them selves. Whatever shape or size, people were out there and doing themselves some good! And If they can I can and if they can you can!


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12 Replies

  • I totally sympathise about not wanting to 'see' a gain on the scales - even if you kind of know what to expect and you are still keeping an accountable attitude (not completely burying your head in the sand...). But also, it may well be the case that all that exercise has counteracted those extra calories, and you may well see a loss when you eventually weigh in. But maybe a couple of days 'cooling off' may help things to even out. Hope you are brave enough to face the scales tomorrow or Wednesday and hope all your cycling does lead to a loss :)

    Congrats on an amazing achievement with your time. All this must lead to improved muscular strength and stamina, meaning you're in a better position to burn even more calories in future. I also sympathise with 'needing' more fuel. I don't cycle the sort of distances you're talking about, but my 27k rides (20 miles in old money) do deplete me. I drink loads of water, carry my own healthy snacks so I don't end up feeling really flat and getting a snickers or something, and I also make sure I have bananas in my pannier - they're so effective. But even with all those good intentions we did end up in the pub yesterday with lovely fish and chips, replenishing after what felt like a very active weekend. Sometimes you do just have to listen to your body - but as you say, you need to learn and apply what you learn and keep trying to get that balance right :)

  • Hi Andrew,

    Well thought out decision. It sounds as if you've had a fun packed few days and what the scales say I feel does not matter bearing in mind the activity you have done.

    Part of this personal journey is to learn for keeps and you know what you have eaten v activity so good on you 😃

    You may find the scales are more positive next weigh in.

    Have a good week


  • Congratulations and I bet you feel tons fitter and healthier regardless of what the scales say.

  • Hi Andrew, really interesting and I would love to be fit and confident enough to join a group bike ride. So major respect.! 🎷🎺🎶As far as the scales go I think I would have been curious........😀

  • Hi Andrew, So did you go on the scales?

  • Hi PP! Yes I lost 100g over that week - I'd have expected to have loose about 1KG if my usual weight loss had continued. After the calorie carnage which was last Sunday I wasn't surprised. It was confusing - how could you have six days of lots of exercise - eat at or below 1500 for six out of seven days and your weight not go down seemed baffling. However given a couple of days and actually my weight sort of got back on track. This week my little weight loss prediction graph suggests I should get to 101KG and I sort expect to do that. (last week it was expected to be 102 but stayed at 103) I even did all the usual measurements as well and they went up last week as well!

    Learning: Beer didn't make me happy. Cycling did! Being with Friends did. 100K across the Yorkshire Wolds did - and thats an experience which will last a lot longer than a coupe of bottles of craft ale! Having a bad day wasn't the end of the world. The idea of a couple of beers being a nice experience is bonkers.

    What's been really encouraging are the suggestions for nutrition from folk here. - Signed up for a 106 mile (140) KM ride in a couple of weeks so I;m going to apply a few ideas there. Its after the event I need something different so I'm going to go for a 200 cal protein shake after the ride - I'll scoring some of my Muscle Mutt of a son!

    A Bad week or day wasn't a catastrophe - I got straight back on the sensible eating (which I enjoy) and straight back into the exercise, and I've got exactly the outcome I wanted - another less KG!

  • Well put. It is getting easier to ask for lime and soda....with a glass of tap water chaser. Need it too with all the walking. Suppose it's just part of the habit and part of social expectations. The first time I asked for tap water you'd have thought I'd asked for poison.

  • I was wondering what happened after your weigh in no-show Andrew, glad to hear that some of the weight did shift - 1kg - that's excellent :) It's interesting what you say about looking back and seeing what made you happy, that the achievement of doing all that cycling far outweighed the shortlived experience in the pub afterwards. Good luck for the even bigger ride coming up in the next couple of weeks, and good luck with your pre, during and post ride fuelling :)

  • Hi Ruth, it eventually went really well - initially no weight loss, then, after the excesses of the Sunday got back on track - simply ran three times (6Hilly k) Cycled once with the local CC ( I ride with the least sporty section! 24 very very hilly miles.) Had one excessive day (calorie-wise) in the week and still ended up 1KG below where I expected to be - got to 100KG a week earlier than anticipated!

    I think the learning for me was that its not just about the immediate outcome. An odd beer can be OK, but the less I have it the less I fancy it to be honest. Nine days since then and not fancied one!

    The bigger picture for me has to be enjoying the healthier lifestyle the 12 week plan promotes. I'll cycle twice this week and I'm certain I'll run three times as well in the same way I used to be certain I'd just pop into the beer section at the supermarket on a daily basis (crazy!). I think you mentioned about better muscle mass during more cals and to be honest I needed to see some evidence of this. I'm certain that I have a very binary mind now and need that feedback of action = outcome.

    Did I have a great day out? Yup! Did it benefit me in the log run? Certainly. Have I got some good suggestions about how to manage nutrition through the next one? (Two weeks time) Certainly. The carb loading worked. Sports drink on the bike worked. Go easy on the rubbish food at the feed stations, Get a protein shake for immediately afterwards. So we'll see! Its all so complicated to get right but at this rate I'm going to be needing some skinnier cycling shorts! :-)

  • One suggestion - take more than you think you'll need. Take extra sports drinks, protein top-ups etc. Then you have options rather than reaching for something less healthy in the nearest pub. I'm cycling on a much smaller scale than you. But I still carry fuel items, and it makes a difference to know I've got options, e.g. extra water, bananas, snacks etc. Sometimes your body can just feel more tired than other times so you have to prepare for a bad ride as well as a good one. Re muscle burning cals more efficiently than fat, I only know the theory, but the podcast that Dave1961 put on a recent post goes into the theory a bit more. I think the theory is for X days after major exercise like that your body processes carbs etc more efficiently, so the effect is actually quite long lasting. Glad to hear it's all coming together and working :)

  • Cheers Ruth! My Buddy and I are planning the next one much more carefully but it is the aftermath- I feel like celebrating - where's the beer - that still presents the obstacle. There was certainly a difference last week after the ride. It'll be interesting after the next one - its the UKs flattest 100mile sportive ride based around Selby!

  • Flat sounds like it will equal competitive. People will be really racing. Maybe just try to delay the urge. Sit with a pint of water to begin with while others are downing their beers and ask yourself whether you really want that beer. Then maybe have just one, followed by another pint of water. But whatever you do good luck, don't beat yourself up over whatever happens in the moment, it's all part of a long term learning curve :)

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