How ironic!!

I have just reported a 0.5 lb gain this week on Lowcals Monday weigh in, mainly as a result of 3 social nights out and too many alcoholic drinks. How ironic then that I just opened Week 5 of the 12 week plan to find that it is all about the calories in what we drink!! I am finding the plan really informative and can see that it will work for anybody just as long as we are able to stick with it. This is the beginning of week 5 for me, I have lost (4 lb since I started), of course I know that it isn't the case but when I read through week 5 this morning I thought it had been written for me personally. If this isn't enough incentive to be more mindful of exactly how many calories I drink this week then I don't know what is. Good luck everyone on your journeys.


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  • Big Brother has obviously been watching you, MrsG :-)

  • I know, spooky isn't it but hey it's obviously the kick in the pants that I need. I am determined to have a better week this week, in spite of having yet another social hurdle to cross on Saturday. Ooops!

  • All I can say is - white wine spritzer is your friend in such situations :-)

  • I'm usually fairly sensible with vodka and slimline tonic. The trick this Saturday is going to be mixing that with alternate straight slimline tonic. Wish me luck.

  • I've found I just really need to avoid wine, this was def a big cause of my weight gain, not least because of the snacking that goes with it. It seems so easy to just mindlessly keep pouring another glass whereas for me a nice mixer drink or a tasty west country cider can be nurtured and sipped a bit more. Treat alcohol the same way you're treating food. Find which ones are your weakness, which ones are easier to control, and find strategies to make sure you stick to your planned 'portion'. Alternating with non alc versions of the same drink is def a good strategy. I do that with virgin/bloody marys. I also keep a glass of water on the table at the same time, and try to make sure it's nearer to my hand, so any absent-minded sipping ends up being on water rather than the higher calorie option. Good luck! :)

  • Hi Ruth

    Many thanks for your support and tips, you're quite right about the snacking that follows the alcohol. I can take or leave chocolate but put some salty crips anywhere near me when I have had a drink or 2 and all sense seems to evaporate. I've never tried the tip with keeping a glass of water close at hand so will definately give this a go on Saturday. Fortunately, I haven't got any other nights out planned this week so can stay totally alcohol free until then. Fingers crossed with your tips and the inspiration I have already got from your 6lb loss this week, I will be able to turn my 0.5 lb gain around this time next week. Thank you so much.

  • I'm meeting friends on Thurs eve too, friends who are used to seeing me have a series of pints of lager or several glasses of wine. I've selected the pub, somewhere that I know has the nice cider that I find easy to drink slowly and will also be getting water and if there are crisps I'll decide how much I'm having (e.g. half a pack) and stick to that :) Good luck for your good intentions, you can def turn that tiny gain around into a bigger loss :)

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