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Topping up on fibre seems to fill me up

I am a true baby stepper - so reading the blurb at the very beginning of the nhs 12 week plan - it mentions the 18g daily recommended fibre intake. I decided to log my food using fitness pal to see if I could monitor and improve my fibre amount. I've been watching it for about a week now. FP actually recommends 25g. I've managed just over 25g a day, and have noticed how satiated my appetite is. No evening cravings or urges to nibble my way through the day.

So this is a healthy habit I will try to keep up.

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I haven't actually monitored my fibre, but I remember that was one of the first pieces of advice in the plan. Good to hear it does work in practice!

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Hi Dreamcatcher67,

It's great to hear you've managed to achieve the recommended fibre of 25g, and that you feel satiated as a result. Great that you've not had evening cravings or urges to nibble during the day. Sounds like you're developing a healthy habit, and making good progress.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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