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Round 2 week 1 weigh in - getting back on track


So after having a rough couple of weeks off the wagon and putting some weight back on, I'm finally back in control. I've decided to take it back to day one and hoping that this will take me back to the motivation I had when I first started! I'll still have my initial start weight (13:4) and total overall weight loss in mind though.

Last week I weighed 11:12 and I am now at 11:9.5 so that's 2 and a half pounds lost this week! Pretty chuffed with that! Still not down to my lowest of 11:7, but hoping for that next week!

My portions are back in control and I'm trying lots of new classes at the gym so I think mixing up my cardio and including some weights has definitely helped!!

New page, new chapter and I'm feeling positive! :)

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Well done! It is so easy to put weight on then ignore it and find yourself ignoring the problem. By refocusing you are nearer your goal. 👍 you will do this !

Well done Rachel. I put on a pound on my weigh in yesterday so will be trying extra hard this week. Four more pounds to go!

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Wow you are so close! I'm sure you'll get there soon! I still have nearly 2 stone to go until I am in the 'healthy' bmi bracket! Desperate to get there by Christmas!

Great to hear someone so positive and motivated enjoying their new habits:)

I MUST get myself to the gym though! Fine with aerobic walking my butt off - but need to get some strength training happening.

Well done you!

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Thanks for your comment :) you have such a great attitude too! I've been reading your posts and you really are such an asset to this group!

Not sure whether you have ever done much strength training in the past, but I was a complete novice! My gym offers such classes which incorporate weights into the routines and I found them really useful as a weigh to get started and to make sure that I'm using them properly and not doing any damage! Maybe see if there is something like that you can go to to get you started? :)

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