Week 1 complete and OMG

Well week 1 complete and weighed myself this morning. OMG 7lbs gone. I can't believe it fab and fifty here I come. Have struggled over weekend with back but have managed a walk on both days. Also found out last week hospital want me to go in and have another epidural block as pain getting really bad. I'm going in Friday of this week, so hopefully this will help.

But all good as I'm 7lb slimmer.

Hope everyone's weigh ins are going well this morning.

Bring on week 2!!!!!


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42 Replies

  • Well done! You won the struggle over the weekend, you are on it! Every lb will help a painful back, keep it up. Fantastic loss x

  • Thanks, hope your week is going well

  • I'm starting again today (again).I lost half a stone a few weeks back, over three weeks, but took my eye off the ball when the kids finished school for summer, so its gone back on, plus another lb.

    No more excuses, intend to see it through this time.

    Good luck x

  • School holidays are the worse all planning and everything goes out the window blinking kids you've got to love them!!!!!!!

    Give yourself a goal something to reach for then throw everything at it. If your kids have a healthy mum, they will be even more proud then I'm sure they are all ready .x

  • Thanks I really appreciate your reply. Hope your week is going well x

  • Well done! Hope the back pain eases up even before the epidural, but keep up the walking - I'm sure it helps.

  • Thanks, it will all be worth it in the end, then hopefully will have less pain intervention.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  • That is AMAZING! You should be SO proud of yourself!

    Did you know you have lost about the equivalent of a little more than a housebrick or a garden paver.

    Try lifting one of those things - they're heavy - I know - I have one right here!!!

    And you managed to just pip me with 6.5 lbs so we'll just SEE who has the best loss next week. Won't we? Hmmm? :P

    Keep up the great work - you rock! I hope they can sort out your back.

  • I'm still counting in bags of sugar but I love your paving slab analogy. What are you doing with a paving slab by you?

    I am up for a bit of competition as 50 looming and would love to be all dressed up with somewhere to go. Fed with being the happy fat bird!!!!!!! I'm so much more.

    Hope you have a fab week.

  • I know exactly what you mean - just sick and tired of being held back by feeling fat and useless!

    I was trying to figure out what I could find that would be the 3 kilos I lost and there happened to be a paving tile sitting not far from the front door when I opened up.

    I weighed it on the work scales and it was 3.5 kilos - and it was heavy to carry round and my arm got tired fats doing bicep curls with it.

    When I multiply that by 20 and think thats what my poor body is carrying round as luggage I can't believe how light I am going to feel when I hit my goal!

  • Fab result, just what you need 💐

    Have another good week and hope hospital appt goes well.


  • Thanks, hope you have good results as well this week.

    Hospital will be fine better for losing a bit of weight I hope.

    Have a fab week.

  • Good for you, Jo4950! Great news - onwards and downwards :D

  • Thanks, I really appreciate your kind words.

    Hope you are having a good week.

    This is the only site where words mean everything and keeps me going.

  • Great news - I found yesterday really bad too and had a few naughties...boo hoo but going back on track today. Hope the hospital visit goes well.

    All the best


  • Hi Mary

    What made yesterday so bad bless you?

    But regardless at least you haven't given up and you are back on track. Well done for persevering.

    Hospital should be helpful and help with pain control at least after a few days.

    Are you managing to get out for a walk at all?

    Good luck for the coming week hope to hear from you soon.


  • Hello Jo - it's good to hear from you .... my dad has dementia and we (my brother and I) are having a fight with the council for him to live in residential care - he is 89 and wonders....if the carers actually cared, this might not be such a problem but as things are, he cannot be left alone - that doesn't help of course.

    I had such a busy weekend, I didn't get much chance to get out and also too knackered...but hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance for the doggies to take me walkies!!!

    You are doing so well - I am truly impressed so keep it up and inspire us all.

    Good luck and take care

    Mary xxx

  • Hi Mary,

    Sorry to hear things are so hard for you at the moment. All this stuff going on makes it even more important that you be kind to yourself.

    Have you started looking at homes or are the council being too stubborn to help? If you get really stuck you can involve adult social care. I know this might seem extreme but sometimes we cannot offer the best care our love ones need.

    I looked after my mum in the final months before she died of lung cancer. I was offered help but thought I had to do everything, and that it was my duty for all the sacrifices she had made for me as I grew up. In the end I almost drove myself into early grave and shortly after her death I had a mini stroke.

    Dementia is hard on both the sufferer and for the family as everyone gets very stressed.

    I really hope you can get some time to have a good walk with the dogs and make some good food choices.

    Good luck and have a wonderful week

    Jo xx

  • Hello Jo - many thanks for your reply and advice. At last the Council have agreed that dad cannot live on his own any longer and at present he is in respite in a lovely home away from Sutton.....He is looking great and that makes me feel loads better.

    Starting from Square 1 again on the Healthy Eating Plan as had a useless week so far - although NO CHOCOLATE.

    Be good and be happy

    All the best


  • Hi Mary - hopefully this will make things a bit easier and he will be in safe hands that care like his family.

    Don't worry about what has happened so far, just look to the here and now and move forward from there.

    I really hope you have a great week you deserve it.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jo - thanks and yes, I really do know dad will be loads safer where he is - just facing the truth is so hard...still as you say, its the here and now that matters....

    Been quite good tonight and definitely going to go out tomorrow.

    Be good and all the best

    Mary xx

  • Hi Mary,

    Well done for getting through the evening. This is my worse times as I'm by myself then.

    I watched the bake off instead of eating the biscuits. Had apples much better for me lol!!!!

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow and enjoy a walk.

    Speak soon

    Jo xx

  • Morning Jo

    Good to hear from you - I totally understand your "evening" problem - it is the worst time. I also live on my own with the exception of the animals 2 doggies and 1 cat..... I have had microwave porridge this morning - bought it for my dad but he had enough in his cupboard so decided I might use it - God it's like baby food not at all like the good old porridge but nevertheless it did the job!

    Hope you have a good day Jo although the weather is not all that for walking! Hope it gets better soon.

    All the best

    Mary xx

  • PS - I also watched the Bake Off...I really love that programme and had the remainder of the strawberry's shared with the dogs of course......xxxx

  • I am rubbish with breakfast and don't normally eat till later in the day. I am trying to overcome that by making overnight porridge. I put some porridge oats in a bowl and cover just with water then stick in fridge or out of the cats way(they really love it) in the morning its quite thick so pour on milk so loosen it up and chuck some frozen berries on it then warm in microwave, it, not bad and really fills me up.

    You can also put natural yogurt on it and a spoon of sweetener and mix that's quite nice. Unfortunately nothing is as nice as a pile of toast, butter and

    marmalade lol.

    It' sonly just starting to rain here and got to go and pick up my youngest son as he is coming for tea. Made a low fat chicken korma so that should be nice.

    ps - bake off was brilliant cannot believe Maria went, she was my favourite last week, I'm rooting for Sandy now.

    Hope your day going good

    Take care speak soon


  • Hello Jo - I can't believe it - you're not a breakfast person either!!! That was the first breakfast I have had in years and that was a push (my doggies had some and yes, they loved it too..). I might just try your way but having read through your message, I remembered I used that low fat/nil cal sugar - how good am I. Lunch was low fat cottage cheese with pitta bread - yes some for doggies as well - and tea bits and pieces of salad things followed by fruit....so far.....

    Hope you have a great evening and speak soon.

    Love Mary xx

  • I am not a lover of cottage cheese but I have a great dish that I use it in and is easy to make and makes 2 dinners and can be eaten hot or cold.

    Crustless quiche

    small pot of natural cottage cheese(low fat of course)

    4 eggs (remember its more than one meal)

    any sort of veggies that you have got knocking about eg onion, celery, peppers


    Mix together cottage cheese and eggs

    Place veggies in bottom of a dish then pour egg mix on top cook for 30/35 mins or till cooked.

    Really yummy and goes in a lunch box the next day or in fridge when you feel fed up and just need to snatched food.

    Sounds like I'm trying to be Mary Berry I'm really not as my kids would tell you.

    Hope your day is going ok

    Speak soon


  • Thanks for the recipe Jo - and Mary Berry doesn't do "healthy" on TV. I gather she used to be very overweight though and that surprised me. I forgot to mention the pineapple in the cottage cheese....uuummmmmmm xxxx

  • I will have to search out a picture of a fat Mary Berry!!!!

    The pineapple must count as one of your 5 a day

    Woo hoo xxxxx

  • Blimey Jo - forgot that little bit - but it's not that much pineapple - really - !!!!!!


  • Hope you've had a good night rest and you are ready for day ahead, hopefully you will get a walk to day.

    Unfortunately I've been up since 4am. Couldn't sleep as back really bad and rain hacking down boo hoo.

    Still on a positive note going for epidural on back this morning so hopefully this will help.

    Even though I'm not that breakfast person!!!!!!I'm starving which is a shame as have been told no food or drinks, just sips of water. Where's my cup of tea?!!!!!

    My cats are glad I'm up as they have had an early brekkie and they are not even grateful.

    Hope you have a great day today speak soon x

  • PS - I did make a batch for my dad some weeks ago and put it in the freezer.....then just microwave when required....note to self....make more!!


  • well done, woo hoo to forward planning.......


  • That's amazing - half a stone! Bet you're walking around with a smile on your face, or hopefully you will be once you've had the epidural. Have a great week :)

  • I am, but hey bring on the epidural woo hoo

    Hope you are having a great week

  • Hahaw, I just saw your post! We both have similar ones x)

    Apart from the pain, that's sooooo good to hear, IT'S AN AWESOME FEELING <3

    Well done xx

  • Hi Jo4950,

    Wow, what an amazing result, really well done. :-)

    Hope your back pain resolves soon and that the epidural block works.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, I really appreciate your reply I'm onwards now so never mind the back. The weight lose is the best thing I've done for myself for ages.

    Have a fantastic week


  • I feel your excitement and how cool is that to lose 7 lbs in your first week. WOW you have done amazing so VERY WELL DONE. I lost 7 lbs in my first week so I know how you feel :-)

  • I just had to add.....A WHOLE HALF STONE!!!!!!!!!

    WOOP WOOP :-)

  • That is flipping brilliant. Well done you.

    Biggest WOOP WOOP ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done - that is a fab result :)

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