Shock of my life!

Well I received the shock of my life this week; you see I've been given 6 months free gym membership via my GP/Open Mind. So off I trot for my induction whereby I was placed on a space age machine that basically analysed my body down to the weight of fat in each of my legs, arms and trunk, not only that I'm the heaviest I've ever been, heavier than what I was full term pregnant with a 9lb 13oz baby inside :(

I've been in denial that my clothes were getting tighter, I blamed it on the tumble dryer!

Well today is the day I face up to this mountain of a challenge... only 8 stone to go!!

Wish me luck you guys!!


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14 Replies

  • Oh I hate that sinking feeling when you actually find out whats happening with your body.

    Ugh! be it - thats where you are starting and its only better from here.

    You can do this and we're here to support each other! :)

  • We all live in denial from time to time. You have now faced facts and you know what you have to do. Make full use of the gym. You can do this but I 'd break your goals down to smaller chunks and reward yourself each time you reach one ( maybe a stone a time). So what will you chose once you've lost the first stone ( no food/drink rewards Allowed! )

  • Thanks for the reply you're right I do need to break it down otherwise it seems totally unattainable. I'll have a think about what I'm going to reward myself with and I'll let you know x

  • Hi there. I have been in denial for years but looking for motivation, Perhaps you and I could do this together. I sit in from of the computer all day and complain about everything, I have pernicious anemia, asthma and arthirtis. I haven't had my B12 injection for almost a year since they decided to reduce the frequency. I am 16 stone, heaviest ever in my life. Need to lose weight to have surgery (hip replacement). About 5 stone would make me normal according to the guidlines. Ging on holiday to Wales soon so that will kick me off. Not been out for 6 months.

  • Oh hun, sounds like you are a stuck in a rut and Wales sounds like the perfect opportunity to break this cycle. Nice walks, fresh air and hopefully some good company, even if it's your own! We can do this, I feel determined this morning so much so that I'm going to the gym. Just going to start with half an hour, 10 mins each on the bike, x-trainer and a 10 min walk on the treadmill. Mornings are the best time for me, I wouldn't make it at night. I'm lucky my mum is around to look after my little girl whilst I go x

  • That's great honey. What gym is it? Is it near Paisley? I coul join you. My parent have both passed away some years back. My partner is great but he is english and I yearn for someone scottish to chat with. I don't have any friends left.

  • I'm in Leicester hun, too far for us to meet up or be gym buddies :( can you not post somewhere on here asking for people local to you to get in touch.. its got to be worth a try x

  • Good luck, one day at a time.

    I have found this group really supportive. and lots of great tips if you feel you getting stuck xx

  • Wow what an amazing gift. This I'm sure will help you feel motivated to get going.

    I'm sure this has come at the right time and you will do really well.

    Have a fantastic week.

  • Free gym membership for 6 months - wow! Hope you find activities you enjoy and will help you achieve your goals. Good luck! 😃

  • You sound like me. It is hard. I am in denial. Good luck xxx

  • Good luck. You will get there

  • Yes, isn't it totally shaming to see oneself stones heavier than when 9 months pregnant. I went from 9st to 12.7st with my lad (and back down again post partum). Now I am climbing down from 16.6. Sheesh! Know how you feel - but it can, and will, be done. All the best :D

  • good luck,you can do it

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