Week 31

Hi everyone, well it went as expected this week I maintained on the scale. I admit I have indulged this week in a few home made treats. I have been baking this week some old favourites of ours, veg quiche, cheese & onion pie and had a roast gammon dinner followed by home made beef curry patties yesterday. My sodium, carbs and fats have been rather high this week on MFP, but I have been keeping up with all my work outs and activity levels so this will be the reason I managed to maintain which is great :-)

Looking back at what I have done I now know I can't bake so many pastries in one week LOL and the roast gammon was just a one off treat. Ahhh.. food glorious food :-)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and for the week ahead with good results.

Trafford1 x


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14 Replies

  • Well done on maintaining 😃

  • Thank you hun :-)

  • Look this makes me really angry!

    Why the hell does the BAD food taste so bloody GOOD! >:(

    Great job on maintaining - that all you can expect after your week :)

    Ahhh yes food IS glorious. :)

    One day in a galaxy far far away in the far far future I might just be able to eat a muffin and not feel guilty because I look so damn RIPPED!

  • Hi Dave and thank you. Couldn't resist baking this week as I had 3 blocks of cheese in the fridge and a whole carton of eggs just sitting there waiting to be combined LOL :-)

    I do hate the fact that bad foods taste so bloody good too. I have enjoyed my week thoroughly so can't complain :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi hun, well done for maintaining. Step forward now to the present and future, last week was last week, been and gone. I do a self crusting quiche that is really nice, if you fancy the recipe I will message it you. Hope this week goes well for you 😊

  • Hi ShellieL, thank you for your lovely reply. I have had a lovely enjoyable week this week and am now focusing on the future. I see a loss in my future so bring it on :-) Thank you for you support and send me your recipe as I have not heard of a self crusting quiche before :-)

    Have a lovely week ShellieL

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    That's a result in my book. You know what you have had, have enjoyed it and next time maybe bake 'skinny versions' of your bakes !! lol ( I know I sound a bit saintly, when I can't bake to save my life ).

    Mind you your curry patties sound tasty.😋

    Have a nice weekend and a great week, I'm off to Aldi to buy pair running shoes, so getting nearer to starting couch to 5k.


  • Hi flossie, thank you. I told you I was worried and had good reason to be. I don't know how to make skinny versions, unless I have the smallest sliver which ain't gonna happen lol.

    My home made Jamaican beef curry patties are to die for and yesterday I made the nicest one's ever and I am so glad I decided to try it. Normally I stay clear, but had to have one.

    Hope you enjoy starting the couch to 5 k I did the 5 k, but didn't use the app. It is so enjoyable once you complete it. I still can't believe I ran for just over 27 mins straight. Best of luck with this new venture hun :-)

    Good luck at your next weigh in and have a wonderful week in your new trainers

    trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Your my kind of girl no such thing as a thin sliver !! Lol.😃

    No luck with the shoes Aldi sold out so will get to town and have a look there. It is gonna happen !

    Enjoy your weekend and here's to us both having a brilliant week.


  • Thank you flossie :-) Aldi never sell out of things when you don't need it lol....everyone must be turning a over a new leaf buying all the running shoes

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Well done for maintaining your weight this week. Sounds like you enjoyed your baking, and made some tasty things.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend, and hope you have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you. I have enjoyed baking a little too much this week :-) back to the usual meals this week and hoping for a loss on the scale next week.

    I have had the most brilliant relaxing day yesterday on the trampoline sunning myself and got that tan I have wanting all these weeks, yeah! :-) oh and to just add the trampoline says maximum weight is 75 kg so I will be taking that up soon I think :-)

    Have a lovely Sunday and good luck for Monday where I will await your post Lowcal

    Trafford1 x

  • Maybe see this as practicing for when you're at the maintaining stage, able to have fun baking trusty classics for family but being careful before and after that big family meal so that it doesn't result in weight gain. Sounds like you had a great time but didn't overindulge, as shown by the scales staying the same. Good luck for an excellent week ahead :)

  • Hi Ruth, thank you. I am happy with my result considering everything. I go on an evening walk a couple of hours after most evening meals for an hour and carry weights in my back pack and work out in the afternoons so I do feel in control of everything and know I have to work harder when I enjoy such foods. Planning to have a loss this coming week so no more pastries for me :-)

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