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Hi there just spotted this site and thought what a great idea. I am a type 1 diabetic need to loose weight. I have high cholesterol . Looks like it is a family thing. Tomorrow I am having bloods done. I started atorvasatin in February but had to stop them as had terrible pains in muscles all over especially in both shoulders. 4 months down the line I am still in pain. GP thought it could be because I was very low in vit D. I am 56 years old and feel 68

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I know how you feel some days I rattle with pain killers, which is why I wanted to get on with taking control of my weight. I am hoping to be more my age not creak like an old woman. Some days I even look like an old woman lol!!!!


thanks jo4950 I did laugh at your last sentence!!! thats me all over sometimes I look in the mirror and think how did that happen. Is there somewhere on the sight I can get info on healthy eating and to record my weight


I've only just started on site but have found diaries and info in the search box. Loads of info there and ideas.

In my head I think I'm 21 but when I look in the mirror I go Hey who is that woman looking back. I'm now trying to find my inner 21 year old. I can wish!!!!

She is on the way !!!!!


Hi Jackie I think most people here are using the NHS 12 week plan to get them started.


As you already know reducing your weight can really help with all the symptoms you have mentioned.

I am fortunate to be one of those people who has eaten really badly but not had problems with cholesterol. Then again I had a heart attack at 49 and suffer from AF plus a dodgy gall bladder so I am paying my dues as well :)

I am a bit of a supplement junky and magnesium and vitamin D are two big ones for me.

Magnesium is WONDERFUL for muscle pain, especially if it related to muscle cramping. I use oral supplements but a friend of mine suffered terribly from leg cramps when she slept. I gave her some magnesium oil and she had her first nights real sleep in months the same day.

Of course I do not know much about your situation but magnesium has been such a huge benefit to me and its so underrated that I like to spruik it when I can.

Whats your actual plan to start getting the weight sorted?


thank you for your encouraging reply. Where can I get the oil from? as for a plan, gosh not sure but I feel I need to get this pain under control as it seems to be taking over although I am trying to be positive. I try and do walking, yoga and tai chi.. I am seeing my diabetic nurse next week so I will have a good chat with her.


Here you go:)


I am not sure where you could buy it over the counter but Ancient Minerals is far and way the best of these kinds of products


I am type 1 too I started on an insulin pump a few years ago a girl that started with me is now sylph like from being chubby and I have done well with weight loss too good luck


Thank you for your very encouraging reply. This site looks like it has a lot of friendly and kind people


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