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Had a really bad week!

I've been doing REALLY well lately. Got to a point where I had lost 9lbs and only had 5lbs to lose to reach my goal weight (or at least the first goal). Then, last week I was on duty at work, so was starting work at 9, but finishing at 10:30pm on some nights (so lots of eating on the go) and a load of people at work were leaving, so there was cake, chocolate, sweets etc. everywhere all week. It got to a point where I was stress-eating and I made myself feel sick from eating so much sugar. I haven't done that in over a year! Also, because my finishing times during the duty week are so varied and often late, I couldn't go to the gym at all last week. I've been going to a class at the gym at least 3 times per week for the last few months, so this has had a massive impact as well.

I've weighed myself this morning and I have put back on 3lbs this week alone!!! Considering how much work I had to do to lose the 9lbs in the first place, I'm really disappointed in myself and feeling like a failure to be putting so much on again so quickly! I now have 8lbs to lose in 7 weeks before my holiday, which was the 1st goal.

I've booked myself onto a class at the gym for every day next week in the hope that it'll set me back on the right track and I've done myself an eating plan for next week. Lots of salads and healthy snacks with lots of protein for my post-workout slump.

So, it's time to draw a line under last week, accept that it was a terrible week and strive to do much better this week. Time to start again!

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Its really disappointing isn't it?

It starts with a wafer thin slice of cake and before you know it you just can't put food down! As you are eating something you are thinking "What the hell am I doing. I really don't want this at ALL - ..?!?" but still it just ends up in your belly!

Working incredibly long hours can be a REAL killer for hanging onto a diet unless you are mega prepared food wise and THAT can be nigh impossible when all you have time to do is sleep and work.

All I can suggest is that you put you and your body first in front of anything else - work, home or others. Focus on having some healthy meals and little treats ready to take to work so that you have an alternative when the sweet treats pop up and see yourself in your minds eye overcoming all those sweet temptations!

You got this ;)

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I think that sometimes a big weight gain is really just all that bulk that's been eaten and has not yet made it's way to the loo yet. Food doesn't stop having both mass and weight when we eat it. The other way works as well - the early water loss in the first days of a new food regime. Maybe it would be OK to say that today is a new day, drink lots of fluids and ramp up vegetables and, to some extent, fruit and move around as much as makes sense. Good luck.

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