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My work usually starts at 6 in the morning and ends around 16:30 from Monday thru Friday. I have a scale but I didn't have the time or energy to weigh in when I worked every day. I work for American school on base, so I'm in summer recess now. When I weighed in in June, I was surprised at my weight gain. I started walking to lose weight and have succeeded in shedding 2 kilos. My BP which soared with the weight gain had to be controlled with a medicine. I have less than a month to continue my healthy lifestyle of eating less and walking more. My concern is how I can continue this way after I'll start working. Fortunately I have a job offer at an English school, so I wonder if I should change my jobs or not. I enjoy a good salary but my work schedule is terrible.

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If you're trying to lose weight through making lifestyle changes then this might mean you should be considering things to do with where you're working and how your current routines affect the way you eat and exercise. I'm also looking for a new job as my current inefficient set of freelance roles isn't earning me enough and I simply lack any routine. In a way I'm a bit jealous of your 6-16:30 shifts - you have the whole evening free when you finish! Could you do something like couch to 5k? You could do the runs 3 days a week after work, starting from 1minute runs and working up gradually to 30mins. After finishing couch to 5k my blood pressure had gone back down, and my breathing had improved, but I think these were more from stress than from being overweight. Learning to run is a good long term way to manage fitness and help you to lose weight, and loads of other things too.


Hello Ruth, Thank you for your suggestion. I'll try to lose more weight before starting to run as I weigh 191.5 lbs for 5' 7". I make enough to live a good life, the problem is that my work is sedentary. I carry a company cell phone when I'm off, so I'm not quite free in the evenings and at nights. I'll take a look at couch to 5k this evening. As I stopped eating a lot, I'm steadily losing my weight. I already have a new job teaching English to businessmen in the next city. I hope I can manage to teach them, come home ASAP, eat supper, take a bath, go to bed and wake up early the next day. I wake up before 5 to go to work at 6.


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