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First Weigh In!

So I had my first weigh in yesterday. I have lost 1/2 lb. I know this isn't a lot but I am hoping this is a sign for better things to come!

However, I am having an off day today. I feel really tired and I went out for lunch with a friend and I ordered something which ended up having lots of calories in it without me realising until I checked it out later. Consequently I have reached the "can't be bothered stage" tonight but I am determined to carry on tomorrow.

Does anyone else have days like these?

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One small pack of butter no longer being carried Charly. Look at it that way.

More room in the door of the fridge now😉.

Well done and good luck for the coming week.

Primrose 😉

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This made me laugh so much, what a wonderful image ahaha!

Thanks for cheering me up!

Good luck to you too. :)

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Of course we all have days like that. None of us are perfect and we wouldn't be on this site if we hadn't all made some errors with our food consumption!

Don't beat yourself up over one days slip just get back on course tomorrow.

The 1/2lb weight loss is a great start. They say that if you lose weight slowly and steadily stays off.

Good luck for next week

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Thanks for your reassurance! I am definitely on track for tomorrow! Thanks and good luck to you too!


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