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Happy Hanpan

Well well well! Looks like my motivation has made a reappearance and since Wednesday I've been either swimming or gymming every single day :) I feel SO much better and just like my body has finally realised that exercise is a good thing. Once I've built up some lean muscle my metabolism will increase and I'll have a much more efficient calorie burning engine. That means not just smashing the cardio at the gym, but working on resistance training as well, swimming is also awesome for gradual muscle building.

I've re-started the couch to 5k

Program on the treadmill and completed week 1 run 1 yesterday; I feel like I've taken a massive step backwards but my fitness just isn't strong enough yet to continue with week 2. Hopefully by next week I'll be back to where I was before the shin splints.

The next step for me is plucking up the courage to sign up for a regular fitness class to replace one of my gym days, I'm thinking kettle bells would be a good one to try. Im so self conscious about my fitness level though, it's a worry :/

Diet-wise I'm bang on, coming in above 1000 calories daily but never over my goal of 1390. I'm not eating any of the calories I'm earning with exercise so SHOULD come in with a loss just over 2lbs on Monday.

All in all, I've had a fantastically positive week and I'm actually excited to weigh in :)

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Hi Hanpan, that's really fantastic, you've certainly made a brilliant start on the exercise. Keep it to what you are comfortable with, when you feel you're ready for the next challenge / step up, you'll do it. Without hurting yourself as well.

Take care



Hey HanPan. Really good to hear things are going well, and that you're applying your normal determination. Don't be afraid to ask for help with any of your new exercises. People love being involved at the beginning and helping someone to really improve at something. I certainly thrived on the c25k forum's encouragement in the early weeks. Hopefully the guys at your gym are just as encouraging :)

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Hey hanpan, well done you, I have had a horrendous couple of weeks wi eating to much and had muscular prob so not been at gym and weights up so from today I am hoping to feel

As positive as you and I am

Headn back to that gym!!!!!!! We can do this 👍


Well done!!!!!!


I'm feeling exactly the same, not been going as much as you as do silly hours at work, but feel so much better than a few wks ago. Off to the gym after I've done my in patients this eve, twice a week seems to be what I can fit in but I can feel my legs improving!

I have done kettles in the past and I loved it, but I'm too self concious atm to go back. Think I just need to grow a back bone and sign up coz it's supposed to be amazing for weight loss!


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