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Anybody ever tried Pilates??

Just a quick question, I am going to start my new healthier way of life on Monday (after a pretty heavy weekend) and I wondered if any of you have ever tried Pilates? I have a kettlebell at home which I have used before and I plan to pick it up and dust it off again but I have always fancied giving pilates a try after a very brief taster session in a hotel spa. Any experience or advice from you all would be great.

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I've been doing Pilates for a few years now and have found it an excellent way to increase flexibility and strength. My general health has also improved over the same time. It's a good idea to find a properly qualified instructor.

Good luck with finding an exercise you enjoy.


Many thanks, I'm looking into available classes at the moment and fully take on board your comments regarding the qualifications and experience of the instructor. Fingers crossed that I join a class and start to enjoy it, improved flexibility would definitely be a positive as I'm also hoping to put more time and effort in to learing to play golf.

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I have a pilates gym i find it very good and not to strenuous..... I just do 10 mins on a morning at the minute but hopefully will build up to longer xxx


Many thanks for your reply, I'm hoping to make a start next week just waiting for confirmation that there is space in the class. Feel quite excited to have decided to try something new.


I love pilates and have found it very useful in loosening up my back and legs to ease chronic pain, id also recommend hot yoga for weight loss and toning up x


Thank you, I hope to join a local class next week (just waiting for confirmation that there is a free space). I feel a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders (desk job) so hope it also helps with that.


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