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PCOS newbie

Hi I'm Emma

I have ballooned to my heaviest of 16.8 (an extra stone In a year too) and think about my weight every spare second.

I have a problem with snacking and secret eating (and also work for a cake company)

I know all I need is some support to start me off so glad I have found you all :)

I have pcos which is not medicated possible pre diabetes symptoms too taking this very seriously.

Looking to hear from people with pcos and their journey in particular but happy to hear from anyone who needs support or would like to share their success stories !

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Welcome to one of the most supportative places I have found! Good luck on your journey!


Welcome, i find discussing your eating may help you allot, and never eat alone and if your going to eat bad foods eat them in front of someone as they can remind you of what you've ate, then there is no escaping, just being honest with yourself really helps, reflection really helps me! Good luck


Keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat, be honest with it, if you cheat you are only cheating yourself. Boring though it may be, weigh and measure your foods also try to increase your exercise, it need only be walking, nothing strenuous to begin. Use your health as your motivation and good luck


Hi Daffodil

There have been several other ladies on this site with PCOS. You will find them if you use the Search Healthunlocked box at the top right of this page.

The usual advice for PCOS is to try to reduce the amount of insulin your body has to cope with. Look at eating low GI / high fibre carbohydrates. Foods like sugar, white bread, sugary breakfast cereals and fizzy drinks all raise your insulin levels, and unfortunately seem to be addictive too. Perhaps try cutting down gradually, and see if you can find some healthy snacks.

Good luck.


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