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This is it, new me new start!

So about 4 years ago I thought I was fat. I am 5ft 10 and was 13 stone 10, I had put on 3 or 4 pounds and I felt about a stone overweight. I hated my figure, when we went on holiday I never wore a bikini, always a tankini, and never went without a cover up.

Then things started to go wrong. I got glandular fever which seemed to wipe out my immune system. On went a stone.

Then I had my first kidney infection. I have never felt as ill! On went another half stone. I was 15.4. I felt massive. So I joined slimming world and lost 1 stone, I felt better but still wobbly at 14.4.

Then I got repeated kidney infections and on went 3 stone. 17.4

I started slimming world in Feb and lost just over a stone. 16.3 today.

I seem to have lost all motivation at the moment, but it is 10 weeks till I go away. So I am re starting today, I have signed up here for support, and I am hitting the gym today and going back to slimming world tomoro. 2lb a week will get me down to 14.11 so this is my aim for holiday 10 weeks tomorrow.

Oh to get back to 13.10!

Wish me luck!!!

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Hope it flies by for you. I'm sat in a café and I can hear the Flapjacks trying to get my attention. But, this time I've got to ignore them as it would be so good to live a long healthy life. Hope you achieve a small step and a ginormous pat on the back.

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This site is excellent for giving support and enouragement. It has really helped me to continue with the NHS 12week plan. Good luck and keep looking forward to that lovely holiday.

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Join us on Monday for the weigh in started by Lowcal and keep track of your weight!


Good luck!

I have been doing slimming world but lost the plot & put on 8lbs

I am going on holiday 13 weeks today, decided to stop going to sw & wasting money, put money aside each week for holiday fund & try this 12 week Nhs plan

Feeling positive, going food shopping now for all the right foods!


Thanks guys :) I'm feeling very positive. Went to they gym yesterday and had a good 5km walk in afternoon up the fell, ate quite well too, no bad things and counted all my calories :) Jeannemargaret I've decided to stop sw too, it costs a lot of money if your getting nothing from it! Good idea putting it towards the holiday fund tho.


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