Day 1

I had done so well today. Having porridge made with water (sounds yuck, but it's okay), with chopped strawberries and cherries. For dinner 2 dark rye ryvitas with chicken and cucumber and chopped carrot. Afterwards, a bowl of chopped banana with low fat apricot yogurt and a sprinkle of rasin and nut mix. Snacking on watermelon, grapes and drinking plently of water and green tea. However, my planned feta cheese salad with one burger and a bit of left over pasta, turned into my pre-planned salad and burger (however it multiplied to two and one had a slice of cheese on) and a handful of chippy chips.

I feel like I've let myself down, and I have 50 pounds to lose. Since the nurse quite insensitively stated that I am 'very' overweight and due to my contraceptive choices (combined pill) I am at high risk of a blood clot/heart attack/stroke. Which is a terrifying weight put on my shoulders whilst fast approaching the beginning of a-levels in the midst of my first job.


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13 Replies

  • Firstly, handful of chips is fine - everything is fine in moderation, and it sounds like you're being really careful otherwise. Secondly, have you considered getting a contraceptive coil? Maybe now isn't the right time, but it's worth researching it, as there are far fewer side effects. That might be a good thing to ask the nurse about next time you see her?

  • Hello, thankyou for replying! The nurse did mention the coil and I was adament I wanted the pill due to the nightmare stories I've heard about the coil. However now, I think (after doing probably too much research) it's something I do want. Mainly because no extra hormones = like you said, less side effects.

  • Hi Sarah, you could consider the implant. I have had one for about 6 years and really happy with it. It lasts 3 years each time. There is (like most contraception) research to suggest weight gain but I don't feel for me it has made a different - that'll be the chocolate.

  • I had the implant for 2 years, progesterone just doesnt work with my body and i started getting really bad acne which lead to me coping with comfort food hence my huge 3 stone pile on ahah. thank you for your kind recommendation! best of luck to you

  • That's bad news Sarah. Hope you can find something that works out for you. Good luck with your weight loss.

  • The coil isn't without its downsides too, for the first few months it felt uncomfortable, but now its settled in I'm so glad I did it. Our bodies are all different though so it's worth taking time to research what's best for you. I recommend going to a sexual health clinic if you have one nearby. I found the doctors there were very informative and gave me lots of material to read about other options, e.g. implant, injection, mirena vs non hormonal coil, so that I could make an informed decision.

  • The nurse might have been insensitive but she was trying to protect your health. I think that everyone on this site has probably had a wake up call at sometime about the damage their weight is doing to their health. As you are in your first job I'm assuming that you are still young, it will be much better to lose weight now and live to a healthy old age

    Sorry that I sound like a sanctimonious old bat but I'm talking from personal experience here.

    It sounds as if you are doing the right things apart from your slip this evening. I find evenings tricky too because it is the one time of day when I'm not busy, Who went to the chip shop for the chips? If it was someone else encourage them to help you stay strong, by reminding you about your weight loss plan.

    I am sure that you can do this, if you are tough enough to do A levels whilst working you can tackle the challenge of losing weight you can do this so get back on the healthy eating tomorrow, learn from today and then forget about your blip.

  • Hello, and thank you for your reply! I'm 16 so I'm fairly young. My family are all fairly skinny junk food fueled people. So it's very difficult to explain to them that I don't actually want to be eating greasy, empty calories.

  • Good morning SarahLouiseDenton, I so wish a nurse had warned me about my weight when I was younger. This exact time of your life when everything is changing -study, job, relationships - is a great time to learn -for life - about healthy living. Also you are young and getting fitter and developing life changing habits is a lot easier at your age

    For what it's worth -and I am really no expert-I think you've made a great start. Your day one menus looked great, you are obviously willing to plan, to cook and to eat a wide variety and to avoid processed packaged stuff and eat fresh. You are going to need to eat some fat so some burgers are going to come your way. You found this website and posted here because you've already realised you need tactics for getting over setbacks. In other words you are doing loads of things right.

    I love the app My Fitness Pal for food planning and also for seeing immediately what the impulse eating has done and for the daily forecasts. I also love the Monday morning thread on this site called "please join me for a Monday morning weigh in".

    I found that within three days of finally tackling my eating-exercise habits I felt better. I hope you do too.

    Best of luck.🚴 🏊💃🏃🏼🌳

  • Hi, thanks for the reply! I'm glad the nurse did make me aware that I am overweight and harming my health. I'm hoping to use this site as a release daiy. Mainly so I don't feel like I'm alone in this, which I think is definetly helping! I've used my fitness pal before, but I get extremely obsessive about calorie counting and it adds an extra worry, so I'm trying to vaguely follow the slimming world guidelines!

  • Doesn't sound like first day was too much of a disaster Sarah Louise. Put it behind you and start the next day with best intentions.

    I felt very inspired by your day 1 menu - it sounded delish!

    I have had a coil for 12 years and its been brilliant - just needs replacing every 5 years but its not too terrible a procedure. sk your nurse for more information to see if it might suit you better.

    Best of luck on your exciting journey to a healthier and happier you.

  • Thank you so much! Do you have the copper coil or the hormonal coil? Good luck to you also!

  • Its a Mirena coil - plastic, hormonal. I had it fitted for severe endometriosis which meant I had painful and heavy periods and anaemia - after a month I had no bleeding at all and no pain during my (non bleeding) cycle. it transformed my life!

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