How long after an indulgence do you know if you've put on weight?

So, let's say that you have a bit of a blow out over the weekend and you weigh yourself on Monday morning and find that you've only put on 1lb or whatever. Is it safe to assume that what you've eaten on a Saturday and Sunday will show on the scales on a Monday?

Not that I'm in this position now, but in the past I've eaten badly and weighed myself and thought 'Hey, not as bad as I thought!'. But I think I might have just been a bit nieve about how long it takes to put that weight on.

So, how long does it take after eating to put the weight on?


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7 Replies

  • Does not take long, take a look at a you tube video of 'the big fat diet' featuring Claire Sweeney. She put on 2 stone in 6 weeks just eating what she wanted and no exercise.

  • But would you expect to see it on the scales the next day/day after or would you expect to see it over the next week or two?

  • With me sometimes it has an immediate effect of weight gain which will disappear after a couple of days (as it's just water retention) or I can see proper weight gain after a few days; this could be three or four days so don't count your chickens too early!

  • I read somewhere that the best day to weigh yourself on is Wednesday that way anything you may have put on at the weekend will ever already gone or your have a the correct weight for tjst week not sure if it works as unfortunately I.m an every day weigher know I shouldn't but can't help myself hope this helps :-)

  • Hi I asked someone and I.was told around 48 hours after eating.hope this helps

  • But then if we are looking at a pound in weight being the equivalent of 3,500 calories how does that tie in? I am thinking the raised number on the scale is not fat after a single blow out; it must surely be water retention...

    But then again I read that people like me have fat cells that, having been bigger will gain more swiftly than a lean bean who has never even been close to top end normal weight, let alone over...

    It is a bit of a minefield.

    i too would love to know but I think we are all different; respond differently to different calories and just need to keep on at it and love ourselves through the blow outs.

  • Anything you eat or drink will show on the scales immediately with regards to the actual weight of the food. For example a litre of water, I believe, weighs one kilogram, so if you drink a litre of water you will put on one kilo. Once your body processes the water you will of course lose that kilo. It must be the same with food and I would imagine it will depend on what the food is to how long it takes the body to process it. Looking online it takes about six to eight hours for food to get through the stomach and small intestine and into the large intestine. I remember watching a documentary on digestion in African people in villages in Africa. The presenter and a villager both ate sweet corn and waited for it to appear at the other end, the presenter with his westernised digestion took about 24 hours while the African tribesman took only four or five hours. From all this info I guess the answer to your question is, it depends. It depends on your own metabolism, what you have eaten, how much you have eaten and so many other factors.

    I am sure this doesn't help one little bit.

    Be good.


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