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Waist measurement

I discover that the thing that really matters for health is the waist measurement. This is pretty bad news for me. I have been normal weight in the past but I've never had a small waist. Right now my waist is enormous: 97cm. (Over 80cm is increased risk. Over 88 is very increased risk. So I'm off the chart.) I'm only a stone overweight now, having lost 10 pounds since I joined the site.

I'm feeling very disheartened. I know how to lose weight but I've no idea how to get a waist. Do other people have any suggestions? I don't care remotely about aesthetics. I just want to have a healthy body so that I can give the baby I hope to have in the next couple of years a good start in utero and be around and fit to look after them. I also want to lower my odds of getting alzheimer's.

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I struggle with carrying my excess weight around my waist as well. Although I am well into the healthy weight range now, my waist size is teetering on the unhealthy boundary.

From what I have been reading it is likely to be sugar in your diet which causes this so I am going to try and reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.

I would also suggest something like pilates can reduce your waist size.


I've found that cutting down on sugar and processed starchy foods seems to have helped me with general weight loss, as well as slimming down the waist/tummy area.

Everyone's waist measurement will be different. The advice I've read suggests that you should aim for a waist measurement that is about half your height.

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