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No veg?

Happily getting into my healthy eating regime, with lemon juice for salad dressing and loads of lovely veg etc. Then my dentist tells me to avoid acidic food and drink because of sensitive teeth. He's given me a list of pH values and Vegetables are lumped together as all having too high an acid content (surely they vary???). Lemon juice, oranges, apples and strawberries etc etc are all out too. And here's me with a punnet of strawberries, plenty of bananas, plain yoghurt -- all to be voided. Must do some research of my own, because I would hate an Atkins-type diet. Looks like black tea is on the prohibited list too.

Common sense has got to come into this somewhere. Will find out. Watch this space!

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Hi Goforit

I really don't understand your dentists advice! Foods like lemon juice are obviously acidic, but surely most vegetables are ok?

This is one page on dental health which might be helpful, but there is a lot of information out there.


Personally, I would have the strawberries with some cream, just to make sure the acid was counteracted.


What a good idea! Thanks for the website address -- I will have a look.


Don't do Atkins!! Coming from experience, was one of the most unhealthy, loss of energy diets I've ever been on! Not to mention, ironically had to have my gal bladder removed while on the diet??? I've done them all....trust me! I use HSK now (Health Sidekick) and love it! Non restrictive with all the benefits of reaching my goals. Totally adapts to me and my lifestyle, unlike all the other diets that I've had to adapt too which reeked havoc on my social life:) Anyways, this is what has helped me, my husband and mom:)

I wish you all the best!


Gall bladder disease occurs because the gall bladder doesn't empty completely or frequently enough.

A common misconception of Atkins is that it is a high-protein diet. This would be unhealthy in that excess protein is easily metabolised to glucose, with ammonia as a side product which the body then has to cope with.

Lean protein is also the fastest way to deplete our livers of vitamin A.

A high-protein, low-fat diet would also contribute to gall bladder disease.

It is also possible to eat an Atkins' style diet and be healthy by having adequate amounts of natural protein, carbohydrates, and fats.


Weston A Price found that people that were not exposed to the 'displacing foods of commerce' tended to have very little tooth decay.

Those 'natural' tribes that had higher incidences of tooth decay also tended to eat more fruit, with higher sugar levels.


At the time, my dad, myself and one of my sisters were all on the Atkins diet. All three of us had to have our gal bladders removed...just thought it was a coincidence, that's all! We chalked it up to Atkins... Didn't go much further into the cause after that:)


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