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My own way!

So I have found it quite hard to write down everything you eat, so I mental count, does anyone else? I still stay under 1400 cals a day, but I want this to be a life change and I want to loos weight steady so there is no saggy skin (my worst fear, have got so many creams to help). I am loosing the weight, well last 2 weeks I have stayed the same( but I know I have over eaten, two BBQ and drinks this weekend and a take away during the week) it is to be expected. Back on track today, 8 weeks till my holidays and even tho most of my dresses fit me again they would look much better with another stone gone.

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Well done for starting to lose the weight. I used to try and keep my calorie count in my head,but iwas rubbish at it and kept forgetting things. When I started the NHS plan I wrote everything down but then I followed some advice from the posts on this site and downloaded the myfitnesspal app which keeps a count of the calories for me. But you have to do whatever suits you best.


MyFitnessPal is the best. It's such a good discipline to be more mindful about everything we put in our mouths.


I also use myfitnesspal app. Its a good app to watch what you are eating and look back over the past days to see where you can improve your diet. It also logs the amount of exercise you do.

Good luck with the weight lose, you are doing well.


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