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I've had a great week for exercise. Finally loving the place I moved to because of the stunning nearby meadow/park at Lloyd Park. But the swimming pool (which will remain nameless) has the weirdest swimming norms I've ever encountered. 1) There is zero lane discipline during lane swimming. The slow/fast/medium lanes all seem to go at the same speed. There might as well be no signs up. 2) Once the *lifeguards* were running beside the wet pool and kicking a ball around. 3) I once got screamed at by a mother in the changing rooms because I was not 'covering myself up' - NB it's a women's only changing room.

Diet has been good this week. No binges. Lots of fruit and veg and lots of variety. Much less carbohydrate and high GI food. Much less animal fat and no hydrogenated fat. No real junk food - just some dark chocolate and a bit of cheese. I might not lose much weight this week but if I always ate like this, I would not be overweight.

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All sounds very positive, TT. Keep it up :D


Hi Trimtapir,

Sounds like you've had a really good week - lots of exercise and healthy eating. Really good! You sound like you're enjoying it too, which is the main thing.

Sounds like they need a bit of re-organisation at the Swimming pool you're attending. Especially all the swimming lanes going at the same speed.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Well done!

I swim regularly. is this your local pool or one while you were away? Sounds manic!



Hi Popgoes

Yes - this is currently my local pool in Croydon. I've learnt to love it.

My previous pool had a much more serious atmosphere. It was an adult only university pool with gadgets like a moveable floor (for water polo, I think) and (!) underwater cameras (!) to do photo finishes. The lane swimming there was super strict. There were fit youngsters going at Olympic speeds in the fast lane. If you swam in a lane that you were too slow for, the person behind you would tap your toes and ask you to move down. I actually think I prefer the amateur chaos of my new pool.



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