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Hi, I'm Kelly :-) I'm brand new to this group. I struggle with emotional eating. I eat normally throughout the day. It's the evenings after dinner that I struggle with, I binge and over eat. I'm more than 2 stone overweight and worrying now about my health as I can't seem to control my eating patterns in the evening. I will be really happy for some inspiration and support :-) Thank you


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  • Welcome Kelly! I started at the beginning of March and have lost one stone. Still have another stone to go but am finding it hard to get rid of that. We are lucky as 2 stone is a lot but just think how much more it could be.

    My weakness is evenings too as I get into relaxation mode and after I eat my evening meal I think I should have a dessert and then it goes on. There are a few things I can do to try to stop. I read the posts on the forum or eat an apple or brush my teeth or go to bed early. It did use to help to go for a walk after a meal but I did something to my knee 6wks ago so walkies isn't an option. The weather is nice so maybe you could do that too. I'm sure you'll get more advice soon so keep in touch. :)

  • Hello, thank you for your kind message :-) 1 stone since March is brilliant, congratulations. I wish you every success with your other stone. You're half way there, you can do this :-) Thank you for your advice and suggestions for the evenings. I am being e-mailed my 12 week weight loss plan tomorrow and i've seen the pre-view with the start of the week being Monday so should I start on Monday or start tomorrow please? :-)

  • Start tomorrow and weigh yourself in the morning so you know your starting weight. We all have different days for weighing in and mine is on a Friday too. Myfitnesspal is a big help so google that. I also find making notes of all the helpful tips on the forum help. Think of it as a lifestyle change and it's an education for life. Breaking bad habits isn't easy but you aren't alone as we know just how you feel. You can do this! :)

  • Hello. I just joined up tonight. If you would like to have a go together I'm up for it. I'm a positive thinker and would love to be fitter and healthier. I'm a massive foodie and enjoy big portions and treat foods as well as healthy foo

  • Oops - managed to post that before I'd finished. I'd like to lose more than 2 stone but for me, feeling active well and healthy is more my goal than a number or a dress size. And feeling like me on the outside. I'm sure you will do well with the support this forum provides. Best of luck.

  • Thank you :-) I've got about 2 and a half stone to lose. I printed off my week 1 plan today. Have you printed yours? Best of luck to you too :-)

  • Hello, yeah great :-) I got weighed today. I've been consistently putting 2 Ibs on for a couple of weeks and this week i've just put 1Ib on so this is a good start :-) I've had a good day today. How have you done?

  • Hi Kelly, thanks for your post. Night time eating is a very common thing and a very hard habit to kick, a good tip is after dinner try and drink a large glass of water (a pint) sometimes night eating can be put down to boredom rather than hunger.

    Things like having a hi protein and fibre diet can really help as well.

    Having a snack after dinner and before bed isn't too costly. Try maybe having some scrambled egg with no toast and a large glass of water. Should help quench the hanger pangs.

    Hope any of this helps

  • Hello Martin :-) Thank you for your advice. Today has been easier than I thought it would be. Mind over matter, I guess. I'm going to have a pint of water before I go to bed. No supper for me tonight :-)

  • A good tip after a big glass of water is to brush your teeth. It's a random one but it woks lol

  • Hi kelly , im new too.. have same problems..overweight and eating issues. Some times small thing to change need big motivation. For me its so hard to do :(

  • I wish you well with your journey Lily. Have you had a good day today? :-)

  • Hi Miss Kelly Ann :) .. Have flu and fever ..but getting well soon

  • Try having a cup of Cadbury's highlights or (my favourite) a cup of Bovril or a CuppaSoup - all tasty and low cal!

  • Thanks Judy, I like Ainsley Harriet's cup a soups. I'll buy some the next time I go shopping, thank you :-) Have you had a good day today?

  • Hi, well done for making the first steps to weight loss, they're the hardest!

    I often struggle in the evenings too, the key is to keep busy! It's all to easy falling of the rails when you're just in front of the TV. I paint or read and often hours go by without me noticing - when I get hunger pangs I pop outside and do some hoops in my basket ball net or I use a really good fitness app called '7' which tells you to do reps over 7 minutes. Straight after exercise I often don't feel that hungry anymore.

    I also had a problem with emotional eating but it is just a state of mind. I used to feel sad either because of my weight or another reason which made me eat and thus a vicious circle begins... Now before I eat anything I ask myself - do I need this? Is this donut going to make me feel happy? Or is slipping into size 10 jeans going to make me feel happier? It's hard work but rewards will come eventually.

    I love food and loosing weight doesn't mean I have to stop eating tasty things all together just knowing when to stop. Nothing tastes and good as being slim feels!

    That's what I'm working on anyway.... good luck!

  • Thank you for your advice and your kind wishes :-) Painting sounds nice and therapeutical instead of eating. I bought some ceramic pots for my wedding next year that need painting...... :-) That sounds cool, doing hoops in your basket ball net. Did you just buy one and hang it on your outside wall? I haven't tried the app 7. I'll have a look at that. Good luck with your journey

  • Hi Kelly

    You'll be fine. Just remember as others have said, ask yourself which do you prefer, to eat the donut( or whatever) or fit (in the near future) into your ideal dress size 😊

    I had a poor week but I'm 'up an'at 'em again and raring to go. Good luck x

  • Hi Poppy :-) Thank you for your advice. I would definitely a million per cent prefer to fit into my ideal dress size :-) Good luck with your journey. X

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