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Backward slide

Only my third week and I can't stay on track. I just want what everyone else is having - or seemingly having. Even if I do say no in public I then make up for it in private. After a small eye op on Monday I have to avoid swimming, which is the only form of exercise I enjoy accept walking, and I'm not getting out walking.

There are plans to increase exercise next week - hiring a cross trainer for a couple of months, being delivered Monday and also taking care of sister-in-law's dog from Saturday for 3 weeks.

I have to get more organised with the food though if I get too hungry my will power vanishes.

Am getting married in October and although I have 6 stone to lose, one or two by October done slowly and changing habits for a life time is what I am aiming for. I want to feel better and not to always look at my wedding photos with regret that I couldn't control myself.

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It sounds as if you are really going strong on the exercise front. The dog will be great at keeping you focused. I wish I could have a dog.

Keep some healthy snacks handy for when your desperate, or plan something less healthy into your calorie count. I include a packet of crisps (my favourite) with my lunch twice a week. It makes me feel like I'm not missing out so I don't start thinking of them as forbidden and craving them even more.

You'll do fine, you've got a lovely wedding to look forward too.

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Thanks for the kind and wise words Linggirl. Crisps are my favourite too :$ good idea to factor in the plan. Really looking forward to our canine visitor he is so good at keeping me in the moment and not dwelling too much. Hope your week is going 'to plan'.


Hi, you sound like you have some good plans ahead and making changes for life is the best way.

Try to sort out a few back-up plans/food for when you simply have to have something a few simple swaps may make all the difference.

One thing I did early on was make a note of all the calories of my favourite foods and usual meals so I could identify the more calorific foods. Then I reduced my intake of some and made a few swaps etc and it really helped.

Good luck!


"if I get too hungry my will power vanishes"; you and most people, and that sounds like exactly what's happening.

Aim to get a palm-size or less of protein at each meal which will satiate your appetite. Have 35 to 50g of low-fructose, low Gi carbs at each meal; sufficient to put back what you use. The balance of your intake should then be made up of natural fat.

You'll be amazed that you can eat so luxuriously, without hunger, and lose weight.


Definitely factor in some snacks so you don't get too hungry. Good luck with your journey.


think of smaller goals - maybe half a stone at a time and, in between that, getting to the next half stone marker which is usually just a few pounds away. As you are going for the long game this might work.


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