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I've Not posted for a few weeks but have been keeping up with you all. I had two weeks of staying the same. My own fault, the mouth kept opening! Then I had a weeks holiday. I ate like a horse but went swimming every morning before breakfast and walked loads, also danced all evening. I had only put on a pound when I got back. Straight back to healthy eating, I cant think diet these days. I lost two pounds last week so am very pleased with that. People are beginning to ask if I`m dieting, I tell them no just changing the way I eat. It`s working for me. Very slow compared to some of you. Six months to loose 1st 4lb but I feel great, look better have more energy and want to keep going. After years of failed diets it`s finally clicked, eat healthy and if I want a biscuit have one not half a packet, they will still be there tomorrow. Good luck to you all, we must be doing something right. :-)

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Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey it is inspiring, you have done really well with losing 1st 4, I agree with you saying it's not a diet but changing the way you eat , also what has clicked with me is when on holiday the other week relaxing a bit with what I was eating but getting straight back to the healthy eating on return. Keep up the good work.


I think that you have just the right attitude. I've decided that the key to success is going to be thinking about this as being a new lifestyle not a diet.

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Every pound counts so onwards and downwards.

Keep it up!


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