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hello everyone

have never joined an on-line anything b4

finally faced up to fact am overweight (found out my BMI is 25.3, owwchh)

tody is DAY ONE & did 15 min brisk walk as warm-up & 20 mins gentle exercises.

will follow 1200cal dy: a light(300cal) breakfast,1/2 plate veg/salad,1/4 plate carbs,1/4 plate protein for lunch & supper & 3 snacks.

that's the theory, dy 1,so far, so good

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Only just overweight! I'm sure you'll be back to the healthy weight range in no time at all.

What are you planning to have for snacks?



prob go for almonds /peanuts /walnuts /sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds(will reserve a pl on Springwatch),soya yoghurt (am lactose intolerant) ,fruit/herbal tea last thing @ night(yay,yummy),homemade popcorn (no delish toppings)& maybe a small bowl of cereal.

if u can suggest other things it wld help cos I'm sure that lot will bore SOME calories out of me!!


Cereal is probably quite a bad idea as they tend to be full of sugar, even the ones you think are healthy!

I have a boiled egg sprinkled with salt and pepper or some laughing cow cheese triangles with cherry tomatoes. Today I've had grapes and cherries which are full of sugar so probably not great but they were delicious and better than what I would have eaten before!


oohhhh eggs,I really miss eating them.found out they caused some SERIOUS WINDAGE & aggravated my recently diagnosed IBS.can't do cheese(lactose intolerant)aren't I going to b a FUN dinner guest

never gave grapes a thought,tho.Good idea,even if they r loaded w sugar SO WHAT this diet isn't going to do me in!,& I bet u thoroughly enjoyed them, better than chocolate or Mars bars or donuts or.....sorry drifted there. Amway how r u doing?


Oops sorry, should have paid more attention. Maybe just the cherry tomatoes then.

Have you looked at the Deliciously Ella blog? My sister has IBS and she's started following the same diet and is feeling loads better.


Thank You So Much

Am totally surprised by everyone 's responses /help.I had no idea this place existed. Am glad to hear ur sister much better now. will follow ur advice .

bye for now will chk in tmrw;-)


Hi city lady. Good luck for your weight loss plan. Are you following the 12 week NHS plan or doing your own? On the NHS plan you can have 1400 calories a day, which I stuck to every day last week, except for two days where I went slightly over, and I managed to lose 3lb. So 1200 might be a bit too low for what you need? I'm also avoiding milk (for IBS related reasons too), and make my own healthy snacks. Can you try any of the following:

rice cake with a quorn chicken style slice (I'm veggie) or a low cal ham slice (if you're not veggie)

rice cake with thin coating of peanut butter

make your own mini flapjack bites using grated apple and chopped sultanas instead of syrup/sugar and using sunflower oil instead of butter.

Frozen grapes/strawberries/raspberries (take longer to eat than non frozen)

Pickled cucumbers


Hey, do you have a recipe for these mini flapjacks? They sound yummy.


It's my own recipe! I'm making some more tonight, so will measure it properly and post it. I will also be making a precise calorie calculation this time, but I know in theory they are very low.


That would be brilliant


Update on this - the new batch didn't turn out as well as usual - I think I put in too many oats, it tasted a bit stodgy. I'll have to work my way through them though! When I bake the next lot I will post a recipe though, honest. It's a combination of sunflower oil, oats, grated apple, chopped raisins and cinnamon. I just need to record the perfect combination!


am totally bowled over by the welcome. doing something like this is v new to me so, thankyou. those are fantastic suggestions. I have got a little hooked on rice cakes & tried a no salt/no palm oil peanut butter on them.

will give those flapjacks a try. not a veggie but seem to like a lot of veggie food & have got quite a few recipes w quorn(stuffed peppers my favorite)

how r u doing w your diet in gen?


I'm only 1 week in. I find the calories disappear very quickly, and I have to apply a lot of discipline all day. But I'm seeing results already, and feeling determined. Please share your stuffed pepper recipe - is it with the quorn mince? I remember doing something in the past with grated courgette and ground almonds inside a half pepper. Will have to re-acquaint myself with my healthy cooking books :)


PS there's a lot of activity on here because I think people turn to it instead of having a snack :)


yup & wild/brown rice. will dig put recipe & post it for all to try(made this once for a house full of some non-veggie males,& I could have made three times as much)


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