Anyone feeling cold?

I've been on this diet 6 weeks now and lost almost a stone. I pretty much stick to the calories although I'm doing it more by eye than counting and am more physically active although struggling to get 150 min per week. But one of the biggest things I've noticed which is less positive is that I seem to be feeling cold a lot of the time. I wondered if it's because my fat reserves are being used to fuel my body instead of insulating me. Anyone else experience this?


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6 Replies

  • I used to, and I found it difficult to go three or four hours between meals.

    Having a small amount of protein at each meal and some natural fat stopped the problem for me.

    I think the doing it by eye is a sensible, long-term strategy.

  • I definitely feel cold too! Logically there's less insulation 😉

  • I've also experienced feeling colder while losing weight. Wearing extra layers helps.

  • I,m feeling chilly too. Anyone know why that is?

  • Yes layering and protein are good suggestions. Thanks folks.

  • Feeling cold can also be a sign that you are under eating. Be careful not to cut down too much.

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