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Bank holiday nightmare

Was doing ok till the dreaded bank holiday arrived,planned food as having family for Sunday lunch bought profiteroles for dessert ( all counted) then nightmare begins ......... Newcastle game on TV and may be relegated so ....... Lunch cancelled. Guess who ate all the profiteroles !!! Well not in one sitting .

Happy to say I am back on track bought skipping rope but think will have to skip to Australia to burn the calories off.

Here's to back on track see what Friday weigh brings.

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Skipping is always fun - especially when the goal is profiteroles! Good Luck x


We all have setbacks but you have got right back on track so good for you!! Stay strong and enjoy your skipping


I can relate, had holiday to make it a 5 day weekend and eaten out every day! Back on it this afternoon and I already feel better about it. Good luck


Holidays are always tricky. Mind you I dont think I'd give up a lunch for anything, and I wouldn't even cross the road for a football match! I do like the skipping idea. All the little girls I know have 'Frozen' skipping ropes, I wonder if they do an adult size ones. Hope all goes well for the rest of the week.


Oh I can relate to the football aspect of your post, I love the beautiful game, I plan our meals around it if our team is playing - Arsenal. You've done well to get back on the waggon straight away, may give the skipping a go myself so thanks for that idea. Have a good week.


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