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Weightloss Nightmare

Like the majority of people in the 1st world, I need to lose a few pounds. A few years ago I was single, and losing weight was a breeze. I dropped around 3 stone in 6 months and I felt happier and healthier than I had done in years.

Now I am once again in a long term, steady relationship with a man who believes that a meal needs to be overflowing the plate (as they all do) and I have put on 2 of those dropped stone.

So around November/December I started doing everything I had been doing that caused the weight loss last time – more exercise, less calories – putting it simply. I joined a gym, reduced my calorie intake, bought an exercise bike and a vibration plate. Nothing happened. So I stopped going to the gym – it was starting to get silly spending all my time in the gym and none of it at home and then spending all my time at home on the exercise bike. I still use the exercise bike and the vibration plate and my calorie intake is still only 1200 a day (except on special occasions, when I’ll stretch to 1400!) and I have lost a grand total of.....


So technically, I’ve put ON a pound.

I do not understand why. I no longer eat ANY fast food. I put NO butter on my potatoes. On Friday I went to the cinema and I had a fresh fruit salad instead of popcorn and chocolate. I drink only sugar free squash and have Weetabix for both breakfast AND lunch at work. I have no snacks. I haven’t had chocolate in WEEKS and when everyone at work does a tuck shop run, I’ll get a can of Pepsi Max so I feel like I’m still included but there are no calories or sugar.

Yesterday I even did a pregnancy test to see if THAT was why I can’t lose any weight. Turns out that’s not why.

I am SO sick and tired of being fat and frumpy, and feeling like there is nothing I can do about it and that no one will help me. I’ve been to my GP surgery about it, and I was told to keep a food diary (I already do) and told to come back in a month’s time to get weighed again, as if I haven’t been doing that nearly every day in the vague hopes that somehow, something I have done has caused some weight loss.

I would even understand if I had dropped a dress size or something, as they say muscle weighs more than fat – that way I’d know that I am losing fat but gaining muscle. I’m not. I’m still a size 18. Sometimes – if I’m VERY lucky – I can squeeze my giant arse into a size 16. However, I cannot go out in public in a size 16. I would give small children nightmares.

There has been one small period of weight loss, and that was a while ago when I had my tonsils out. I was unable to eat a single thing for 2 weeks, and I lost 7lbs. However, I don’t think starving myself is really the healthy way forward.

My thyroid has been checked and it’s fine. So I know THAT’S not the reason. I honestly have no ideas left. It’s like I am destined to be a fat person for the rest of my life and I’m so sick of looking at my reflection and hating what I see and feeling so powerless about it, and I’m sick of feeling like I’m starving every day and gaining nothing for it.

If I cheated or didn't exercise or ate more calories I'd get it, but I don't. I stick to my calories and I get as much exercise as can be expected from a full time office worker who has a life outside the gym and also a terrible sense of balance (LOL).

Anyway, that's my rant over. I usually feel better after a rant but right now I'm so down about this that even ranting has achieved nothing. Maybe I'll go swimming.

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Hey rant away, we all need to vent sometimes. Im not really sure what to say, have you checked to see if your eating enough calories? As sometimes if you eat too few your body will cling to the fat as it thinks its starving. If you follow the same routine all the time maybe change what workouts you do as our bodies get used to routines, its recommended that we change what we do every 4-6 weeks to keep the body guessing. Maybe try something new like the 5:2 diet where you eat 1400cals 5 days a week then 800cals on two days to kick start your metabolism again.

I wish i could offer you more advice. Im a size 18 now after 6 months hard work and have plateaued a few times, all i can say really is dont give up on yourself. Keep trying different routines and foods till you start losing again.

I wish you all the best

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You poor thing, it can be very dispiriting.

You say you've got to return to your dr in a month. Treat that visit as a positive thing. Take your food and exercise diary to provide evidence of your lifestyle. Perhaps he/she might take you seriously and start looking for other causes. Are you bloated? Are you drinking too much Pepsi Max? I know that carbonated artificially sweetened drinks can cause problems for some people. As fibreonfedup says, I've heard that the body needs to change its routine every six weeks to keep its metabolism moving.

Good luck with everything.


I think your main problem is stress. You need to make sure your eating right and a balance amount of calories. Also I pick up on the pregnancy test and if your periods have stopped that can also be a sign your body isn't getting enough calories. I know it's crazy how can eating more help you lose weight but if your not eating enough your body will just cling onto your food. Try not to exercise too much you can put a lot of stress on your body.


I use a contraceptive (the Mirena) and in some people it causes their periods to stop. Plus side - no periods, YAY!; Down side - no knowing if it has failed without actually checking. I've never needed to before because I know it is the most effective form of contraception available however, nothing is 100% effective!


I was on a contraceptive which the Drs put down to my weight gain, I've been off it since November last year and lost quiet a lot of the weight put on... Only 18ibs to go until my dream weight xx

It's well known that contraceptives can cause you to gain weight.

Have you checked this option with your Dr????

If so could changing your method of contraceptive help you??

Just a thought.....


The nurse I went to talk to about my weight mentioned this. The problem with changing my contraceptive is that I need to have something that I don't NEED to remember as I have a disability that causes short term memory problems. When I was on the pill there were a whole host of issues caused by it and it all just got too messy. however, I might speak to the nurse again when I see her again and see if she has any other suggestions, thanks! :)


Maybe you aren't eating enough as you are exercising so hard! Get a fit bit and record it all on my fitness pal, that tells you how many calories you should be taking and how much you've used during the day. I love mine, if I do lots of walking I tend to eat 1400/1500 cals, if I don't do as much I stick to 1200 cals. I use this plan but record everything and I mean everything even the supplement I have. Good luck


Thanks for all the kind words and advice guys! I eventually found a swimming pool last night and spent 55 minutes doing some gentle front crawl and felt loads better afterwards. I do think I have a major issue with stressing about it and I don't think this helps. I do use My Fitness Pal (I love it!) and I have been using the fitbit app on my phone, although want to buy an actual fitbit as soon as I can afford it (they're SO expensive, and I've got a TON of vet bills to pay over the next few months as one cat got ill and then gave it to the other. *sigh*) The pepsi max is now on a limit after that little suggestion - one can a week. again, this is so that I can at least join in once a week on the tuck shop run so I feel a touch less sucky when everyone else is coming back in the office with their mars bars and crisp packets! I've tried the 5:2 diet before and it turns out I do NOT have the will power required!

I'm going to keep going as long as it takes - I am going to be a slim person, damnit!!!


Call Sherlock! "The case of the (un)missing stones."

Sorry, he is no longer available, so Watson will try to help (hope no large blunders in his observations).

Clue no 1: You wrote "no butter on the potatoes" AH very important that one, you see butter instead of potato would have been more helpful!

Do I hear a howl of protest or was that derision I heard. After all potato is carbohydrate and I need Carbohyrates don't I? As for butter the mere thought of trying to eat 2 lbs of the stuff is sickening.

Put down the shotgun dearest. I merely wanted to point out that if you search "Is saturated fat fat good?" You may be surprised at what the latest research has found.

Moriarty may be dead but his friend the fiendish master of diguise sometimes known as Sugar but with many aliases is alive and well keeping the drug companies and food manufacturers in the state to which they have grown accustomed.

By the way do not attempt to consume even a ½lb of butter at a sitting, The idea is to remind you that some healthy foods simply will not allow you to comsume them to excess.

I am going to check out the sugar content of weetabix when I finish my memoirs.

You may find some help in tracing Moriarty's friend's activities by searching "effects of sugar" on that new fangled internet thing.

yours faithfully Watson.




LOOOL!!! Yeah, I'm trying to cut out as much sugar as possible (a feat that is proving next to impossible!) and butter consumed in the quantities that I used to like it is in no way healthy, however I can see that "a little bit of everything" may apply here. Thanks! :)

PS, I'll keep the tatties to a minimum!


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