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It's good to read so many people are in the same boat

I have done every diet known to man and can successfully lose but just can't keep it off . I know what I should be doing and I know I am the only one responsible for what I eat . My BMI is 33 which is horrendous . My mum has a heart condition and my partner worries about my heart . So why if I know what to do and how It could be affecting my health why does food and the odd bottle of wine seem to have a more powerful calling . Anyway I thought that I would give calorie counting a go so I don't feel as deprived as being on a fad diet as it's something I have never done and really pushing myself to exercise , I have never liked any from of exercise except dancing !

Keep up the good work everyone


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I find calorie counting really helpful, keeps you more aware of what you are eating, the less processed the less calories and hidden fats etc. If you like dancing try something like a zumba class as will be more likely to continue if you enjoy it. Good luck hope it goes well, i think we have all yoyoed with our diets at some point, but you know you can do it i think its making changes you can sustain long term that will help keep it off, find what works for you. All the best


Hi and welcome to the forum, lots of supportive people here who understand the struggles of weight loss so you're in good company! I too have exhausted every fad diet out there and am enjoying calorie counting, I'm finding it pretty easy to stick to, I remain within my allwoance of 1200-1400 and it's working so far! Though I still have a way to go..! I do also restrict starchy carbs but this is a personal choice. I'd really recommend downloading an app such as my fitness pal to count calories, it really helps to keep me on track.

Best of luck with reaching your goals and I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on! 🌸


Hi to you both thank you for your replies . I'm giving it a good go - thanks for your support xx

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Hi. I've always walked everywhere but have now realised that to shift the weight I need to do more. So I've been downloading the NHS couch to 5k podcast. It's great! a lovely woman talks you through short periods of running and walking with energising music and songs accompanying you. Each podcast lasts 20 mins.Today I actually managed to get all the way to the end of the podcast which might not sound a lot but it was for me! Why not have a listen and see if something like that would suit you.


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